Explained : Choose The Right Screen Door For Your Home

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When replacing or installing a screen door, there are important things to consider that will ensure you have the right door for your home. Using a screen door can allow for better airflow during the summer, allow more light in year-round, and create an extra layer of insulating air to the doorway as the air becomes trapped between the screen door and the inner door to the home.

Size and Colour

The door on your home will be a set size, and it is important to select a screen door that will fit those dimensions to fit well. Before choosing your new screen door, measure the doorway in which it will be installed and select one that will fit. 

Colours are often limited to metal, white, or wood for screen doors. Determine which accomplishes the appearance you want for your home and select on that finish that will fit the correct dimensions. It can be purchased and taken home that day or be ordered for delivery and installation later.

Energy Conservation and Sealing

Each door and window will have an energy rating label to describe how well insulated it is and how well it seals once installed. A better rating will help keep utility costs lower and insulate the house from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. In addition, good insulation and weather seals around the door will reduce condensation and create a breeze-free seal around the door. Compare the energy ratings of traditional screen doors with aluminium decorative screens from Bulleen Screens, to determine which one is the right option for your needs and budget.


The better the quality of the door and materials, the more expensive it will be. It is most important to find the balance between the most expensive screen door and the cheapest to find the correct fit for your home. The cheapest are most likely to break or wear out sooner and require replacement again, while a better quality screen door will last several years and even decades before it needs to be replaced. 


If you are replacing a current screen door, it may be easily changed out for a new door that has the same measurements and hinge placement, but if it is a brand new installation or doesn’t match with the old hardware, you may require professional installation. They will be able to place it correctly within the frame, place the hinges in the correct area, and ensure that it hangs straight and centered. A professional will also be able to ensure the weather stripping is positioned correctly and create a seal that will protect the space between the doors and keep the utility bills down by blocking cold air.


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