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Who doesn’t know about Twitter – One of the oldest and influential social media platforms? Twitter now has such influence on the businesses, that brands now build dedicated Twitter related marketing strategies.

You can include Twitter in your marketing plan and extract maximum benefit from it by opting to embed Twitter feed on the website. But as the strategy has a great impact on the business it is equally important to use it in the most beneficial manner. And therefore, in this blog we have listed the best sources that you can use to embed twitter feed on website. 

Social media aggregators help you in adding Twitter feed from various desired sources. You can choose the following source to make this target profitable and result oriented.

Promising Sources for Twitter Feed on Website

Twitter has a wide range of content that you can put under some common umbrellas. You can pick one or many of the sources and showcase them on your website. And these are some of the most fruitful sources using which you can embed Twitter Feed on your website.

1. Hashtag Feed

Hashtags have changed the marketing scenarios for the brands, it has made it easier for the brands to reach their target audience. Moreover, brands now also promote their particular hashtag that helps brands to develop brand recognition.

Hashtag campaigns are now a well-known and productive marketing maneuver. However, you can extend the usage of hashtag by opting to embed Twitter hashtag feed on website. With social media aggregators you have the facility to collect feeds using hashtags and showcase them on your website. 

You can use this feed in various creative ways, like you can showcase the content related to your business, and keep your visitors up to date with the latest happenings related to your business. Or you can showcase the content posted by your consumers using your hashtag, this makes your consumers feel valued and helps in building a strong customer-brand relationship. You can also promote your hashtag campaign with this maneuver. As you will showcase different content from users that are using your hashtag, it will encourage your visitors to produce content and get a feature. Hence, providing a boost to your hashtag campaign.

2. Mention Feed

Instagram users often use the platform to upload images while using a product and often tag or mention the name of the brand. You can accumulate all these types of content and display them on your website as a mention feed.

These content also acts as the social proof for the brand. Social proof helps in several ways but majorly in two ways. Firstly, social proofs help the customers in their purchase decision, it helps them to understand the product better, and learn about different use cases. Secondly, it helps to build credibility and reliability for the business.

Also, with the help of the mention feed, you and your visitors get to know the reception of your brand and products amongst the customers.

3. Handle Feed

We all know that social media plays a huge role for brands in reaching a large audience. It is important to have a great traffic on the profile so that it stands out from the crowd and gets the needed assistance from social media algorithms. Same is the case with Twitter. So, to have the mentioned advantage it is important that more people know about your Twitter handle. And what can be a better place to promote your handle, other than your website, right? 

You can easily promote your Twitter handle by opting to embed Twitter handle feed on website. So even if your visitors aren’t aware about your Twitter presence. They will be able to get to know about it, and might increase the chance of strengthening your social media presence. 

Also, your handle feed can bring a great vibe to your website. People can get to see your amazing posts and more. And you can also promote your sales and more.

4. List Feed

Twitter allows you to create a list. In this list you can compile Twitter handles that might be related to your business and handles that add values to the business.

With use of social media aggregators you can easily embed Twitter list on your website and showcase tweets related to your business or more.

It helps to keep your visitors well informed and aware about what’s happening around the world that might be related to your business. This not only makes your website visually attractive but also makes it informative and engaging. 

Summing it up…

We all know Twitter has ample content that can engage and inform people. The sources mentioned above are some of the helpful and result oriented feeds that might help you in getting your desired results.

Tools are available on the internet. It helps and eases the embedding process. So what are you waiting for? Install these tools and add a great value to your website.

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