Embed Instagram Widget On Website – Amazing Benefits

instagram widget on website

Daily almost all the people interact with the social media platforms and connect with the whole world from their phone or computer screens.

There is no boundary that binds the people into any category. People from every corner of the world connect with each other and share their feelings over social media with others.

One of the very popular social media platforms is Instagram. Around half of the global population is using Instagram and sharing their posts with other instagram users.

People talk about their life, new experiments, shopping, products and services, food, and feelings they want to share with people.
All this brings out the importance of user generated content for the brands that they get directly from their customers. This presence of social media, especially Instagram brings so many benefits to brands for marketing purposes.

So how you use these instagrams feeds on your website and how you will influence and engage your new audience with the user-generated content.

There are social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, Tintup, and many others that help in embedding the instagram widget on website with easy steps.

You can use Instagram widget on website to embed the Instagram feeds. But wait, do you know what Instagram Widget is?

Instagram Widget is the tool that you can use to display your instagram feeds either latest or old one on your website.

You can choose a layout as you want to display your instagram feeds and represent in front of your customers.

Several brands are using the instagram widget on website as it helps in creating the user-generated content as well as help in increasing the user engagement on their website.

By implementing Instagram widget on website you can grab the attention of your users and lead them to make purchase decisions on your website.

Let’s learn the benefits of using Instagram widget on website and what advantages you can get from it.

Benefits Of Using Instagram Widget on Website

Expand Your Market Reach

As social media is continuously reaching it has also made the expansion opportunities for brands too. Before digitalisation or introduction of social media, brands were only limited to the physical boundaries.

However, social media has now become the prominent platform where not only people but brands can also expand their market reach throughout the world.

Instagram Widget on website helps you in collecting and curating the instagram feeds that are relevant to your marketing purposes.

It also helps in channelizing the social media traffic to your website. In this way you can attract the vast audience no matter where they are living and from where you are operating your business.

Improve User Interaction Experience

Visual type of content is known for high interaction experience, as this is the reason why scroll down the instagram feeds. This visual content is addictive that users engage in the content and it is also pleasing to their eyes.

If you use Instagram widget on website then you can create the same experience for your users on your website.  

With Instagram widget you can direct the same user experience like instagram for your brand. Users can come to know what the existing customers are saying about your brand and their experience with product and service.

With the use of social media aggregation and embedding tools you can collect the quality content on your website.

Your customers will enjoy the content you are offering to them and interact with the content as they never before.

Enhance The Brand Image

When you put the user-generated content on your website it will help in boosting the image of your brands.

Users come to know what the other people are saying about your product and services. It will create a positive image of your brand and people engage with your brands for a longer time.
If you have a wide social presence means that much your prospective customers will come to know about your brands.

With social media, word-of-mouth has gone into another level and people talk about your brand not only with their friends but also with the worldwide audience.

Instagram helps in enhancing the brand image and reach to the several users.

Boost Purchase Actions

Instagram feeds have changed the way people take purchase decisions. When they see so many people talking about the same product and get best experience with the product and services.

With the instagram widget on website  you can show your customers about how people are feeling with your product and services. You can show your product that is shared by your customers on social media.  

Customize The Feeds

It is restricted that you can only use a particular style of representing the product on your website. With social media aggregators you will get several customization and designing options to embed the social media feeds.

You can make the instagram widget look highly attractive and engaging without any distortion in the feeds.

Instagram widget on website allows you to make an impressive background and offer various layouts that create the best experience.

Final Words

With the instagram widget on website you will get the opportunity to attract the prospective audience to your website and give them the best user experience.

You can offer them the same experience they get from the social media platform. With user-generated content people feel more connected and believe in your brand. Embed the instagram feeds and it will give you the profitable opportunity to interact with your customers.


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