Embed Facebook Feed With These Reliable Tools

Embed Facebook Feed With These Reliable Tools

Currently, there are 2.93 billion users of Facebook all over the world. This makes the platform one of the most effective marketing tools.

This is why, lately, brands have started to embed Facebook feed on websites. Facebook feeds have given them enough leverage to the hilt.

However, some businesses still doubt the potential of opting to embed Facebook feed on website, since they cannot decide on the tools that help them in this cause.

Therefore in this blog, we are going to discuss the tools to embed Facebook feed on website, including the benefits of this marketing strategy.

But before that, let us know about how to embed Facebook feed on website.

To embed Facebook feed on website, you can use any social media aggregator tool. In case you are unaware of the term social media aggregator tool, it is a tool that helps you to aggregate social media posts from different platforms and embed them on your website.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to embed Facebook feed on website. Some of the best tools are given below:

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is an incredible social media aggregator tool that you can use to embed Facebook on website. This tool helps you complete the entire embedding process without coding. This tool helps you to aggregate all the Facebook posts and embed them on your website.

The best part about using Tagembed is that they provide you with customization options which means, you can personalize your Facebook feed on the website. For example, you can always change the feed’s size, theme, and template.

This helps the users to enhance the overall appearance of the website. This feature enables you to reduce the bounce rate of your website, as your website visitors get enough information and visual appeal to stick to your website.

Interestingly, Tagembed also has an analytics feature that enables the user to examine the engagement on the feed. This further helps you to plan your content.

Now that you are fully aware of Facebook feed and social media aggregator tools, let us talk about the top tools that you can use to embed Facebook feed on website.

2. Smashballoon

Another effective tool for embedding the Facebook widget on your website is Smash Balloon.

A responsive and mobile-ready tool is Smash Balloons. By utilizing your social media feeds, the tool enables you to easily design Facebook Widgets that look amazing on all devices and effectively expand your brand.

You can easily increase page speed and add photo or video albums with Smashballoon.

It offers varieties of helpful features that greatly enhance the tool’s worth and make it an attractive marketing tool, just as the tool listed above.

3. Elfsight

You can display content from your Facebook page with the Elfsight Facebook Widget. Your posts can be displayed on Elfsight along with all the shares, likes, and comments.

Elfsight’s Facebook widgets automatically display customer feedback on the website. It is a tool that updates itself. This means that the widget will automatically update the website with any new posts that are made to your Facebook business page or any sources you specify. To acquire the most recent updates, you don’t need to manually refresh the feed or hire a professional.

You can utilize a variety of templates, themes, and layouts from Elfsight to give your website a professional appearance.

Mind-Blowing Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed on Website

There are so many benefits of embedding Facebook feed on website. Some of them are given below:

a). Makes Your Website Interactive

When you focus on the visual appearance of your website, it helps you to enhance the overall look of your website. This eventually helps you to make your website interactive. A visually pleasing website helps you retain online visitors for a longer time.

b). Builds Social Proof

When you embed Facebook feed on your website, it displays the number of likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook account. This helps you to show that your business is recommended by other people as well. This works as social proof for your business.

c). Promotes Your Facebook Page

A Facebook feed aids you in taking out time and money for more important priorities, as the Facebook widget helps you in your social media presence. This also enables your visitors to know more about business and about your Facebook presence without having to do much. So in a way, it also works for brand awareness and promotes your Facebook page.


When you opt to embed Facebook feed on website, you open doors to hit your income and business goals. This also helps you to establish healthy business relationships with your existing and target customers. It also enables them to trust your brand at first glance. Therefore, it is highly recommended to embed Facebook feed on website.

The above-mentioned tools are currently the best in the market. You can use them without any hesitation.


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