Dos And Don’ts Of Sending Care Packages To Deployed Soldiers

Navy sheets

Deployed service people love receiving care packages from family members and friends. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what’s inside the pack; holding something that reminds them of home is enough to make them happy and loved. But, to make sure that your package arrives securely to the intended person, here are a few things remember:

Things You Are Not Allowed To Send:

Alcoholic drinks, carbonated beverages, drugs, explosives, firearms, lithium batteries, and aerosol cans are prohibited. You are not allowed to send things that are likely to offend people in countries that the service person is deployed. For example, do not send products made of pork, obscene material, books or any other published material likely to offend Muslims to soldiers deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Speak to the command family support group for a list of items prohibited in these countries.

Things You Are Advised Not To Send:

Home-baked cookies are unlikely to remain intact by the time they reach their desired destination. If you insist on sending home-baked goodies, make sure to pack them well. While some recommend Pringles cans, others recommend removing the cookies a little early from the oven so that they remain soft and retain their freshness. There’s no fool-proof method; you will have to rely on trial and error. Also, if your loved one is deployed in a hot country like Iraq, do not send chocolates or gums; they are likely to melt and make their way to other items in the package.

Thing You Can Send:

Apparently, junk snacks are very popular among deployed soldiers. If you intend on something healthy as well, include a few granola bars, sunflower seeds, and oat cookies are a good choice. Socks, cotton undergarments, and body deodorants are popular among soldiers deployed in hot countries. Vitamin D supplements are perfect for Marines deployed in submarines or ships. Similarly, fitted Navy sheets will be very useful for Marines on board the US Naval and Coast Guard ships and submarines. You could also send them bedding accessories like curtain caddies and quick-absorbing towels.

Seal Everything:

Make sure you seal all the items in separate zip locks to ensure that they remain intact. Also, pack items with strong odors separately. Pack edibles and personal hygiene products separately.

Care packages needn’t be expensive; you can create a special care package for cheap with just a little though! Sometimes, things as simple as a newspaper or their favorite magazine could make their day!


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