Does website SEO score matter in Google Rankings?

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Does the website’s score matter? Well, this is a remarkably interesting question. You must know that many factors contribute to the positive as well as negative seo score of a website. The seo score of the website altogether is a great metric contributing to the ranking position of the website.

Today we will discuss you about the different factors that affect the search engine optimization score along with the best online tool that can help you find out the exact seo score of your website!

Factors affecting the seo score of your site!

Here are some of the ranking factors that also affect the seo score of the website.

High-quality content

Content is everything for the website. You must know that content should always be written in high-quality. It should have no errors or mistakes of any sort and should be simple for the readers to understand. High-quality content is also extremely easy to crawl, and index by the search engine and this is why it is considered to be an important factor. If you want to check the quality of the content on your site and whether it needs improvement, then you can use seo website checker tools.

Effective keywords

Keywords are an important part of SEO, and there is no doubt about it. Keywords are the pillars on which your content is standing before the audience. Effective keywords would help you target a larger chunk audience. If you are not using keywords or using ineffective ones, then it can contribute to a negative seo score. You must always try and shortlist the keywords which are most relevant to your niche and also have a higher density. Seo rank checker tools can easily help you find out the status of every keyword that you have used in your content!

Useful Backlinks

Backlinks are especially important for your website and can greatly affect the seo score. You must always use the backlinks that have good credit and are relevant to your niche or else your site would end up being marked as spam. If you do not want to get a bad DA and seo score, then you must always use the backlinks that are reliable and have good quality content on them. Suppose you want to check the contributions of a backlink concerning your seo score. In that case, you can use a backlink checker or a seo rank checker tool for this purpose!

Load speed

The page loading speed is another contributing factor in the search engine optimization score of a website. Load speed is causally related to the user experience, and this is why you need to focus on its optimization. The loading speed of a website should not be more than three seconds, or it will result in bad seo and rejection from the traffic. If you want to check the loading speed and whether you need to optimize it or not, you have to use a seo rank checker or page speed checker tool.


This is one of the leading factors affecting the seo score of your website. Today the majority of users coming on the web are mobile users. According to recent statistics, more than 70% of the total traffic on the web belongs to smartphone users. This means that you have to make a website mobile-friendly so that it can get the maximum traffic and entertain the maximum audience. Whether a site is friendly for mobile users or not can easily be determined by using a seo score checker tool.

Site authority

Site authority is a technical aspect that you have to take care of. One should know that the site authority is dependent on unique content, information, business listings, legitimacy, and other relative aspects. If you want to check the authority or credibility of your website and want to know whether you need to improve it or not then you have to use the online DA checker or seo rank checker tools for this purpose!

The Best website seo score checker

There are hundreds of websites providing seo score checking services on the web. Still, not all of them can provide you with detailed and accurate results. The free seo checker by SmallSeoTools is considered to be the best online seo tester that can help you check seo score and other relevant information about the website. You have to enter the website for which you want to check the seo score in the input bar, and from there you can easily find and see:

● What is going on website concerning search engine optimization on a general level?
● Discover the errors and seo related problems on your website and how to fix them.
● Look for the different links that are working and are not working,
● Identify the different seo elements that you need to replace, remove, or improve!

This free seo score checker tool is very easy to use, and you can master its operations in the first use!


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