Do you Still Need to Move to London to Further your Career?

moving to London

The world has changed more in the last six months than it has in the last six years. Coronavirus has led to a dramatic increase in people working from home and in such an environment, could we be moving towards an economy where it’s no longer necessary to live in London to get the best jobs? Let’s examine the pros and cons.

Reasons for moving to London

Opportunities – It’s undeniable that the capital is where many of the country’s largest businesses are based and, as such, it’s a city packed full of opportunity. Not only for promotion in your current role but for networking and getting to know other people in your sector – there’s a culture of net-working in London that means some of your most significant deals might be made over drinks after work, not in the office.

The culture – From its world-beating museums and theatres to the live music scene and, of course, the musicals of the West End, there is an undeniably strong culture in London, which could prove incredibly important if you work in the creative industries.

Diversity – London is also one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world and you’ll expose yourself to so many more different people and ways of thinking. From a career pers-pective, this can be invaluable as you could end up being faced with an opportunity from a source you might not have expected.

Reasons against moving to London

Working from home – A study conducted by business cards specialists instantprint found that London was the worst city to live in when working from home thanks to the monumental monthly rents. With more businesses from now operating on a remote model, it could quite feasibly turn people off migrating to the big smoke. It also found that internet download speed at 4G signal strength was lower in London than in other cities, primarily because there were so many people all clamouring for the same signal.

Property size and cost – It’s no great secret that London is the most expensive places to live in the world but you’re also not getting as much for your money as you might think. Even a small flat in an outskirt area of the city such as Tooting could set you back over £1000 a month and it’s unlikely to be a very desirable flat either.

Cost of living – Finally, London is just an expensive city to live in, in general. Everything is more expensive – from transport and food to council tax and utility costs. There are, of course, always going to be those who need to move to London for a career, but in a post-COVID world, it’s not necessarily going to be the be-all-and-end-all move it once was. Also, If you are looking for office movers singapore visit our website.


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