Different Types of Essays In Online Class

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There are several types of essay formats followed by colleges and universities. Students are assessed by their interpretation of instructions; hence, it is important to take time to understand instructors’ bulletins on how the essay has to be structured. Online course essays are complex and detailed, as students are expected to have a higher level of knowledge and skills. There are five main essay categories that online course students are expected to complete:

1. Narrative Essays – In this essay, the writer has to narrate an experience that he has gone through in a story-like narrative. The entire experience has to be described in an interesting way to keep the readers engaged from beginning to end without using external sources through a creative and vivid approach so that readers feel that they are part of the story.

2. Descriptive Essay – The descriptive essay is a detailed description and analysis of any literary piece, object or event in an interesting manner. In a descriptive essay, the writer has to describe the given topic with adjectives, adverbs, analogies, metaphors, and similes that can help the reader to visualize. This kind of essay is generally assigned by literature and composition teachers.  

3. Expository Essay – This is an informative explanation that analyzes topics using facts and statistics. In expository essay writer has to include a wide range of variations that is a combination of comparison and contrast situations and also cause and effect formats. These essays are based on facts so the first-person account is used and emotions are concealed.

4. Persuasive Essay–Though in this essay too facts are presented, the writer’s main goal is to persuade readers to accept his point of view or recommended ideas. The instructor’s goal through this essay is to ensure that students gain a deeper understanding of the given subject and take a stand using a mixture of facts and sound reasoning. To ensure that ideas are clear to readers persuasive essays are generally written in MLA formatting style unless the instructor asks for another style.

5. Research Essay – The objective of this type of essay is to analyze a particular topic and find materials that support this idea or viewpoint. This research-oriented essay requires writers to comb through previous content written about the topic and interpret it to substantiate their viewpoint. Written in either MLA or APA formatting styles, research essays are used to analyze books or literary pieces and check its effect.

Students use these essays as a means to enhance their comprehension and vocabulary skills and to evaluate their ability to understand a topic. There are times that despite your best efforts writing an essay at the required time may be impossible. You can hire online class takers to assist in writing an essay. Do not hesitate to find the right academic assistants in every subject by asking us with a simple inquiry like ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class for me?’


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