Creating the Ultimate Set-up for Watching Sport at Home

Super Bowl

For keen sports fanatics, there has never been a better time to watch all your favourite stars in action. Whether it’s football, cricket, rugby, golf, NFL, NBA or anything else, almost every major live event is available to view either on TV or online.

And the appetite for it certainly remains strong, with a whopping 99.9 million people estimated to have tuned in for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers back in February.

Millions of people are taking solace from the smorgasbord of live sport available to view from their living rooms, with coronavirus restrictions meaning fans may not be able to return to stadiums until well into 2021.

So perhaps it’s time to create the ultimate set-up at home? Depending on how big your plans are, you may need to consider some financial assistance to see them come to fruition, and here are some of the elements you might want to include in your sport-watching sanctuary.

Comfortable sofas

These are an absolute must, as no amount of drama on the screen can distract you from a bad back or a numb rear end. You need to think carefully about positioning, too – which is the best seat from which to view the action? For anyone not sitting square on, the addition of a footstool can help take the weight off without having to twist into an awkward position.

Widescreen television

This one almost goes without saying. You need to be able to look the action correctly and in high definition, and there’re plenty of choices out there when it appears to TV technology. Be sure to measure the space accurately, though – the last thing you need is to get it home and realize it does not fit.

Satellite packages

These days, broadcasts of major live events on free-to-air television are few in number, so it’s likely that you’ll have to invest in the satellite packages that have rights to all your favourite sports. It’s an added expense but, without it, your choices will be extremely limited.

Surround sound

Even though the atmosphere may not be quite as raucous these days, with restricted numbers of fans at games, you still want to immerse yourself in the experience and investing in a high-quality sound system is a great way to do that.

Mini fridge

Ok, so this one is even more of a luxury, but if you’ve got the space, why not? You can pack it with all your favourite drinks and treats, so when you and your friends get together nobody has to take their eyes off the action for too long.


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