Common Reasons for Weight Gain at the Age of 30

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Excess fat accumulated around the belly region is the most common cause of worry among middle ages women, and sometimes men as well. Worrying is not the way out. What you must do is to develop an understanding of the key causes behind this epidemic.

After having developed a solid understanding of the root causes, you will be able to opt for an appropriate solution to rid yourself of those fatty tissues, which make you look over-sized and thus affect your self-esteem.

This article aims to help you identify the common causes leading to relatively rapid weight gain in middle age.

Five causes of middle-age weight gain

Middle age brings a number of crises with itself. One of those is unwanted weight gain. While you cannot pinpoint the causes leading to all those crises, you can surely do so for weight gain no matter you live in the world.  Most causes of a weight gain are common to middle-aged men and women in all parts of the world.

If you are in the UAE, you have many people around you, who have already overcome the curses of a sedentary and luxurious lifestyle. You can also follow their footsteps and join a Slimming center in Dubai to benefit from the latest weight loss and slimming solutions.

But let’s first discuss the causes:

1. Lower metabolic rates

The peak age for an ideal level of metabolic activity is before you enter your thirties. As you enter the thirties, you begin to see a decline in your energy level. A fast metabolism promises fast digestion of food and thus very little weight gain.

As your metabolic activity begins to decline in its rate, you are prone to experience a rise in weight gain. This excess weight is mostly fat. Thus after you are done with your twenties, it is better to rely even more on protein-rich foods and let go of the fat intake.

2. Weight gain in menopause

Belly fat in mid-age is everyone’s problem regardless of gender. But women face it more often than men do. It is due to the female anatomy. Women in their 30’s are going through their peri-menopause

It is often said that women gain weight when they are going through hormonal changes or when there is a hormonal imbalance in their body. Well, the 30s is the time when your body is preparing itself for the changes that occur in the 40’s. By 40’s the estrogen levels drop significantly due to which women experience excess belly fat.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

With aging, people often begin to adopt a lifestyle that involves less physical activity and more rest. They considered it odd for their age to indulge in sports or any other physical activity which could keep them fit.

A sedentary lifestyle is often ignored among middle-aged people as a cause leading to excess weight gain. But it might be the primary cause of your excess body fat, as it makes you lethargic and calls for a downward spiral from there onwards.

4. Increase in stress levels

As the middle age approaches, you begin to gain awareness of your surroundings. With more awareness and maturity, the worries tend to affect you more. With growing age, the level of patience and endurance also reduces significantly.

Thus the level of stress increases significantly. When you are under stress, you tend to eat more. Sometimes stresses make you eat out of proportion. Thus you begin to gain even more weight.

5. Lower muscle ratio

As you age beyond the threshold of 30 years, the mass of your muscles begins to decline. The muscles you develop now will not be lean muscle. It will have plenty of fat cells amalgamated with it. Thus you are prone to develop fat rapidly.

If you are going through age-related muscle issues, you are more likely to decline in your physical activity. Thus the amount of fat around muscles is only likely to increase.

Want to get rid of excess weight?

Identify the cause. Are you suffering from a hormonal issue? Is it about some injury which doesn’t let you stay physically active? Are you stress eating? If you are developing excess fat owing tone of these reasons, you know how to cure it. Your problem may have a combination of the mentioned points as its cause.

If diet and exercise are not working, do not lose heart. Seek experts like people in the UAE do. They have been seeking treatment from clinics around you. You can also get in touch with a Slimming center Dubai for living health 30’s and beyond.

A healthy body promises you a high-quality life, so do what you can to achieve a slim and fit body.

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