Choosing the Right Type of Dental Filling – A Guide

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Issues regarding teeth and oral health are something that you cannot avoid. As an adult, you will realize that there are a lot of factors that can affect the strength of your teeth. There are those that can be avoided by regular brushing and flossing. However, there are other factors that are already out of our control. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) has reported that the number of people who are in need of fillings for their teeth has already decreased. However, this remains one of the problems. If you are regularly visiting your dentist for a routine checkup, you must have experienced being treated for a cavity. When this problem arises, there is an area in the tooth that will need cleaning. And sometimes, an empty space will be left in the area. This is where filling comes in.Your dentist will determine the best approach of treatment for your wisdom tooth extraction procedure before beginning the surgical extraction process. They will first take an X-ray to look at the status of your wisdom tooth before proceeding. Your Dentist In Pflugerville will utilize safe, comfortable, and minimally invasive techniques to access your oral cavity and remove your wisdom tooth during wisdom tooth surgery, and then feeling is done. Look for wisdom teeth removal in Singapore.

What is a Filling in Dentistry?

First, you need to understand what dental filling is. This is defined as the treatment available for a tooth that has been damaged due to decay. This treatment aims to bring back the normal shape and function of the tooth that has been affected. This is a common procedure and accordingly, an individual would need at least a single dental filling in his lifetime. 

 Types of Fillings:

· Gold Fillings

This is of course the most expensive among the different types of fillings. But you can make sure that they last for at least two decades. It is durable but they come as indirect fillings. This means that it may take more time for the whole process to be done.
· Resin or Glass Ionomer

Resin or glass ionomer fillings are usually being used for kinds. The reality is that even small children can also have cavities. Resin or glass ionomers are being used for the treatment of primary teeth. This material is delicate and so it is recommended that it must only be placed on spots where there is no extreme pressure applied when chewing.
· Ceramic Fillings

Just like gold, this can be a bit expensive as compared to other types of fillings. It is also an indirect filling so you may need to visit the dentist more than once for the whole process to be done. The advantage of ceramic is that it looks like natural teeth. However, it is fragile.
· Composite Fillings

One of the advantages of choosing this is that you can choose to have it shaded for it to look like the natural teeth. This is also one of the reasons why it is a popular option. The disadvantage is, it can be less durable as compared to other options. It may not last for a longer time.
· Silver Amalgam Fillings

This is one of the oldest types of fillings. It has been used by dentists for over 150 years already. This is made of a mixture of metals. It contains mercury, copper, silver, zinc or tin. This material is durable but not as expensive as the other options. However, since the color is silver, it can become darker as time passes by. The mercury content is also something that you should consider.
Problems with Dental Fillings

Here are some of the problems that come with dental fillings:
· Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

This is a problem that patients usually experience after the placement. You can expect that the treated tooth can become sensitive to air, pressure and temperature. This may go on for weeks but this is something tolerable.
· Filling Allergies

The American Dental Association has reported few cases of allergic reactions to silver fillings. This is rare but it may happen because of the mercury content of silver fillings. When this happens, you may experience itching and skin rashes. Checking if you have family allergies is something that can help you avoid this.
· Deteriorating Fillings

Dental fillings may also deteriorate due to different factors such as chewing and grinding. It may be subject to cracking, chipping and wearing away. This is not really something that is obvious. Most people do not notice that their dental fillings are wearing away. Your dentist at Skymark Smile Centre will be able to let you know during regular checkups.
Bottom line

Dental fillings are normally given to patients who want to retain their natural teeth. This is one of the treatment options that can help you save your teeth after decay. If you don’t want to lose your tooth, you can consider dental fillings. However, you also need to let the dentist assess the current condition of your tooth that is affected. This way, you would know if you are qualified for the treatment.


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