Choosing the right type of Air Conditioning System for your home

Choosing the right type of Air Conditioning System for your home

Surviving the summer heat without a proper air conditioning system is almost impossible in current times. Whereas one contributor is generally rising heat levels with global warming, another is certainly the improvement in quality of life which is supported especially by improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels in the living or working space. A top up is that nowadays, ACs provide cooling as well as heating 
But has the thought ever crossed your mind about what air conditioner is best suited to your living space, to your preference, to your lifestyle? Well, if you haven’t chosen the right air conditioning installation company as your partner for the AC heating and cooling service provision. No problem, we can help you to choose the best. For excellent air conditioning services, you can totally trust Skyco Corp, they will even never give you a chance to complain.
What options do I have?Let’s not talk about brands here. Because let’s be honest, when a technology is introduced and gains acceptance, there are several brands to offer the same features. The key difference is the reliability they offer with the strength of their experience in the industry.
Broadly, the modern day air conditioners can be categorized as under. Although the traditional window ACs could have made to the list too, let’s not forget they are no longer in the market unless you have one from ancient times.

  • Split System Air Conditioners
  • Multi-Split System Air Conditioners
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions
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It is important that you know the difference between each not only in terms of the function but also the advantages one has over the other. Rest, is more of your personal preference, your budget as well as yor lifestyle choice. 
Which is the right choice for me?How about we review each of the options in detail here
1. Split System Air ConditionersDo you have the air conditioners based on two units, one meant to cool the air indoors, the other is home to the compressor, coils and tubing and placed on a wall outside the house. Yes, that is the one we’re talking about here.
These systems have been designed to manage cooling in individual rooms, usually compact spaces. The idea is to allow flexibility in controlling temperatures in different rooms. This makes these air conditioners a very practical choice in homes where you might need a variety of temperatures in different rooms. .Benefits: The key advantage, apart from managing varying temperature needs, is that you need to buy and also pay for running one specific unit at a time. This empowers you to have better manage the electricity consumption and thus the spending on bills. 
Second, you have the liberty to pick and choose the rooms in which you want these installed, again saving you bucks during the purchase.  
2. Multi Split System Air ConditionersOk so this one, is more like your usual split system. Only, there is only outdoor unit with multiple indoor units that can be placed in individual rooms around the house or your working space. Generally, you would find these to be appropriate for cooling up to 5 rooms with one outdoor unit.
Your air conditioning installation company would also tell you, and rightly so, that these make an ideal choice for homes which have small space for ducting and can hence not support more sophisticated solutions. 
Benefits: So if your living space is not suitable for ducting, the multi split system air conditioners would be your ideal choice for being an economical air solution; you are able to control temperatures in rooms, individually, as per your need in reasonable one-time as well as running costs.
Additionally, you have the choice to pick from a wall mounted, floor standing, cassette type or even a ceiling hanging variety of the indoor units – choose whichever you prefer to whichever room.

3. Ducted Air Conditioning SolutionsThe most sophisticated of all and probably also most underrated too, considering that a lot of people are unaware of the benefits this type has. Often also routinely termed as the HVAC or the system air conditioner, these types of air management solutions are based on an outdoor unit placed out of home and multiple indoor units hidden or concealed within the ceiling or flooring. They function more like a single control unit for the entire living space. 
These are generally to be installed at the time that the building of your house is to be constructed so as to allow placing the air ducts at pre-planned positions in each room. However, they can be fixed into your existing home as well, but with the help of best AC installation companies near you. If you are a resident in Atlanta ga, Wayne’s Heating and Air Conditioning could be your most reliable choice.
Benefits: The quietest of all, and probably most invisible also. So if you are looking for a home with no indoor units too visibly handing down a wall, spoiling that interior décor, this is the option to go with. Not only does that enhance the look and feel of your upscale modern living space but also adds to the value of your home in general. 
The general perception is that the ducted air conditioning systems allow for a single temperature across all rooms in the house. On the contrary, brands do offering the agility to manage individual temperature preferences in each room. This is a top-up and saves on the energy utilization and long term running costs. The one-time expense at the time of installation would however likely be bigger than the other two options.
Maintenance & RepairNow that you have a snapshot of the air conditioning types by their functioning as well as the benefits, you should be ready to also consider your partner for AC heating and cooling service provision.
Remember, no matter which of the aforementioned air conditioners you pick to cool off your home in the summer heat, maintaining it for a long terms hassle free use would require taking on board a reliable partners for cleaning and repair as well. Mostly, the air conditioning repair companies should also be the ones offering installation services. We recommend you do your initial research well and pick a partner you can rely on for maintenance as well as repair needs. 
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Try opting for an air conditioning installation and repair company near youPick an expert with experience and expertise proven by a good track recordLook for quality of service rather than cost of service aloneSet a routine for thorough cleaning of your AC systems which should be no less than once every season.
Wishing you happy, cool summers.


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