Choose the Right Display Stand and Freebies for a Successful Trade Show

fabric banner stands

Maximizing sales is the number one objective of any marketer. Business deals worth billions of dollars are done at expos and retail events every year. A successful trade show can help you gain brand exposure, ensure leads, establish supply line relationships, and gain professional network links. Assessing a trade show success requires a great deal of planning. Here are the secrets to attracting prospective customers in a competitive environment:

Get High Impact Banner Stands to Make Your Display Stand Out

Use trade show bannerstands as a unique showcasing style to advertise and promote your product. These can be used either as a standalone display or combined together to create a back wall. Banner stands are highly flexible, in the sense that you can refresh the look just by changing the graphic images regularly. The vibrant graphic design can make a compelling visual impact even with a smaller display. These stands are long-lasting and durable. 
There are several types of banner stands, each serving a different purpose. For example, hanging fabric banner systems can be used to direct people to your booth at a crowded trade show. Retractable banners can be used to promote your brand in shopping malls, stores, and theaters. Pop-up, A-frame banners provide instant visibility at sporting events for brand identification. Several banner stands can be combined to create a single banner wall, and these can be used at product launches, photoshoots, promotional events, etc. Tension fabric banner stands and book display stands are durable with wrinkle-resistant stretch graphics that can be used in airports, theaters, and retail shops. They are easy to set up and can be quickly packed back into a convenient carrying case.

Be Memorable by Giving What Matters to Your Customers

Being memorable as an exhibitor is critical for a successful booth sale. Extend your reach by offering free promotional items that have your company name and logo on it. Unlike traditional business marketing materials, these can significantly increase consumer traffic to your booth. Think beyond the pen: make your attendees sit through a 15-minute presentation to get a cool T-shirt, power bank, phone screen cleaners, baseball caps, smart wallets, sneakers, or chocolate business cards. 
Anything you hand out should be branded to create a lasting impression on customers. Make sure that your promotional items align with the company’s branding and goals for acquiring leads. You can also try a variety of other ways, like giving special discount offers, two-for-one specials, etc. 
Face-to-face marketing events can create a lasting impression, if done right. Come up with unique ideas and strategies related to your business to get the most buzz at any marketing event.


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