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You’re one of God’s most precious creations – and someone looking for ways to highlight the best parts of your body. But how can you? Where would you start? Being a plus-size woman, there are hundreds of ways you can showcase your curves without going overboard. 

Since you’re here, listen up. As a girl, you want to turn heads. Being the center of attention wherever you go is what we all want, but most of us have been conditioned and brainwashed NOT to love our body types because of our curvy, full-figured bodies.

We’re here to tell you to get that out of your system because it is a misconception!

If you’re worried about finding the right outfits for your body, rest assured because there are plenty of chic pieces out there that, if worn correctly, can make you the center of attention.

First, know that choosing rightly fitted silhouettes and cuts for your body is crucial. Why? Well, regardless of your shape or size, you will always look beautiful in something designed for your body, whether that’s a dress, a suit, or jeans.

1. Never hesitate to wear jeans!

Full-figured women often think that they don’t have the body to wear jeans and bottoms, but just like all the other plus-size misconceptions you have, this one is also not true. You have a series of choices for plus-size jeans – the best being: high-waisted jeans.

Buying yourself a pair of High waisted jeans plus size is an excellent idea if you want to flaunt your curves, but if you have them altered in a way that suits your tummy and hips, you’re off to a great start. 

2. Accessorize your outfits to scale!

Select accessories that are proportionate to your body type. Delicate jewelry and small purses should be avoided. As these will only serve to emphasize your size, the accessories you choose should be proportional. Nowadays, oversized bags and chunky jewelry are trendy.

If you’re carrying a clutch, ensure it’s large enough to fit your hand without being too big. It’s okay to spend a little more to get the newest bag and shoe styles.

3. Learn the art of color blocking

You’ve probably heard the expression “black is slimming.” This is true for black and all dark colors such as navy blue, chocolate brown, deep green, etc. Use dark colors to de-emphasize areas you want to draw attention away from.

For instance, if you are bottom-heavy, you should dress in dark skirts, dresses, or pants. To add symmetry to your upper half, combine these with a brightly colored shrug or jacket.

4. Spanx are a must

Spanx can be uncomfortable. They may appear too difficult to breathe in, and you may feel anxious in them, but you must bear some pain when it comes to fashion.

Spanx can assist you in achieving a seamless and sexy body shape because it reduces the shape and size of your body parts. It also pairs nicely with dresses, formal attire, and evening gowns.

5. V-Necks rule!

Mesh is preferred. The V-neck neckline adds depth to the bust, making it appear longer, and shifts the focus away from the shoulders (if they are too wide) and towards the center of your body. 

The Empire cut is even better compared to the traditional jacket, which is broader and more extended.

This cut will highlight the breasts before falling softly on the body. The waist belt will assist you in defining your waistline. In the autumn, add a blazer (men’s jacket) to your look to draw the silhouette; trust us, you’ll look spectacular.

6. Say No to baggy clothes!

We understand how difficult it is. We also know that you find relief in wearing loose clothes and that this is YOUR comfort zone, but we all have to do what we have to do!

This is the year to embrace your curves and wear clothes that fit you. Baggy clothes give your body and personality a shaky and unassertive appearance. So ditch them! 

Wearing baggy clothes makes you appear larger and insecure about your body. That time’s gone, so get ready to embrace and exude confidence from now onwards. 

7. Tights are always a good idea.

No, tights aren’t just for Sunday church services or elementary school girls; you, as a curvy woman, can wear them in the winter and fall as well.

Plus-size tights instantly add a personal touch to your overall outfit. They can make your lower half appear thinner, especially if they are opaque or dark. You will look more streamlined if you prefer a dark monochromatic look with your outfit and stockings.

8. Fabric matters!

An essential piece of advice is to choose natural fabrics that are preferably non-stretch. Natural materials are much gentler and have a better, more comfortable fit than synthetic fabrics.

So, which fabrics should you choose? Try silk satin, wool crepe, georgette, flannel, chiffon, natural cady, velvet, and cotton dresses. 

9. Show Off those Curves, because you can!

Plus-size women frequently try to conceal their curves with shapeless styles that make them appear larger than they are. Instead, choose figure-flattering fabrics that hug your curves.

Wear shapewear beneath your outfit to help pull yourself in and show off your contours if you’re feeling self-conscious.

All Hail Curvy Women!

So what if you have a few more curves on your body than the average female. You must embrace every part of your body and be thankful.

Many of the tips you’ll find for plus-size women have to do with making yourself feel comfortable in your body. Using the right advice and tricks to create the desired optical illusion is critical. 

Don’t hide your curves with ill-fitted clothing. Instead, wear clothes that fit you precisely to make the best parts of your body more evident. Just remember to take care of your health, mental well-being, and looks by being proud of who you are as a person.

Last but not least – be confident in how you look. Instead of hiding, use comfortable, made-to-fit outfits to flaunt your curves and look like the absolute diva that you are.


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