Cannabis For Health Supplements


Could It Be True?

The short answer is: yes. Yes, it’s true—cannabis can actually be a health supplement in a legitimate way. In point of fact, there are several ways this can happen. In this writing we’ll briefly explore several distinct ways you can use cannabis to better your health overall.

Keep in mind, not all official channels have come around to recognizing this potential. Even so, studies and data clearly show the benefit of moderate cannabis use in a supplementary sense.

1. Stress Reduction Results In Slower Aging

Stress ages you; did you know that? Stress erodes telomerase. Telomerase is contained in telomeres. Telomeres keep your DNA functional. Think of it like tape keeping shoestrings from unraveling, only those shoestrings are your DNA, and unraveling that genetic shoestring results in premature aging.

Cannabis helps you be less stressful. You’ve heard of the giggles? Well, that stereotype is actually quite accurate. Cannabis alleviates an individual’s mood, and owing to short term memory loss, you’ll find it’s harder to ruminate on things that depress you. Instead of going over your mistakes in your head, you’ll be fascinated by pretty colors or textures.

2. Cannabis Stimulates Appetite, Combating Eating Disorders

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One problem people who have bulimia, anorexia, or cancer deal with is issues with appetite. Bulimic people binge and vomit. Cannabis can make this less of an issue. Anorexics have body image problems that restrict them from eating. Cannabis helps them forget. Cancer patients have nausea, which makes it hard for them to eat. Cannabis can erase nausea.

Granted, it’s going to be different for everybody. However, if you’re having issues, you might buy some edibles and, over a weekend, try them out to see if they do anything good for you, or if such supplementation doesn’t quite fit your needs.

3. Varying Compounds In Cannabis Actually Fight Cancer

THC and CBD either slow the growth of cancer cells, or kill them entirely—it will depend on dosages and the severity of cancer. You can read more about that here. Now keep in mind, there is a caveat. Anything you smoke includes carcinogens, and is bad for the lungs. So if you’re going to supplement with cannabis, smoking it effectively cancels out some effects.

The best way to supplement will be through topical ointments, edibles, pills, and other means which utilize the solubility of cannabis through digestion over its swift introduction via smoke. Granted, smoking cannabis isn’t as bad as many propagandists would have you believe.

Tommy Chong may have a colostomy bag, but he doesn’t have substantial lung problems, and his digestion issues have little to nothing to do with cannabis. The man is eighty-three, and if you know anything about the movies he was in, it’s hard to believe his smoking was minor when he was younger.

Safe Use And Delivery

Certainly, you want to be careful to use cannabis responsibly; especially if you’re supplementing with THC, which is known to have psychoactive effects that can be dangerous if ignored. The experts say you shouldn’t smoke and drive, and that’s good advice—use options like this Los Angeles cannabis delivery service to avoid compromising yourself.

CBD isn’t going to impact your ability to drive, but you should still be careful. It can sometimes contain trace amounts of THC, and that can give you a psychoactive experience if you’re especially sensitive.

Overall, though, stress reduction can lower aging, appetites can be stimulated in a way that combats eating disorders, and cancer can be successfully fought through cannabis supplementation. Ask your doctor if you should consider exploring this avenue of health management.


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