Can Senior Adults Use Weed and for What Ailments?

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Senior adults are increasingly using medical marijuana for issues like pain, insomnia, and depression. Though doctors in geriatric medicine are not openly recommending it, some senior citizens who never touched weed in their youth are willing to try it for medical reasons. People in their early 60s with liver and kidney issues that are not able to manage pain with regular painkillers and people over 90 that are seeking more peaceful sleep are some older adults that are seeking relief from marijuana.

A recent study published by the American Medical Association showed that the use of medical cannabis among elderly citizens has almost doubled from 2015 to 2018 from 2.4% to 4.2%. This trend is due to an open discussion about medical cannabis, thereby destigmatizing cannabis consumption. Some medical personnel also recommends medical marijuana to older adults to ensure that they take the right dosage under their supervision. With the easy availability of marijuana in forms like edibles, older people looking to buy edibles in Toronto may be interested in medical cannabis and its benefits.

Uses of Medical Cannabis for Older Adults

Chronic Pain

Though a large section of medical personnel considers medical cannabis effective for relieving chronic pain in adults, some would advise caution. This caution is because cannabis is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure, which could be dangerous for seniors with coronary issues if they accidentally consume a high dose. However, many studies are linking cannabis products to pain relief related to a variety of common health problems.

Parkinson’s Disease

This neurodegenerative illness is prevalent in elderly individuals and is characterized by loss of motor movements due to tremors and rigidity in the nervous system. Though randomized trials studying the use of medical cannabis has failed to show any significant benefits, it is still believed that cannabis can improve quality of life and relieve a few non-motor symptoms related to the disease.

Nausea or Vomiting and Palliative Care

There is also evidence that medical cannabis can reduce nausea and vomiting caused by treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. For elderly patients in the final stages of fatal diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, medical marijuana is sometimes given as a part of palliative care to reduce pain and related anxiety.

Precautions for the Use of Medical Cannabis with Seniors

While weed delivery in Torontois relatively easy to get for anyone above the legal age, older adults should be cautious of the dosage. Many older individuals take multiple medications for health conditions that may react with THC and CBD, the main ingredients of medical cannabis. They can increase or decrease blood pressure or affect liver functions that help to metabolize medications being taken for various conditions. Strains that contain less THC and more CBD are ideal for elderly users.


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