Buy Portable Air Coolers for Your Home In This Summer Season to Beat the Heat

Summers have just begun but the weather is already at sweltering high temperatures. Staying outside is practically unbearable and it is almost impossible to battle the heat. Even the fan on its highest speed cannot keep you from sweating indoors. Rather than pondering on whether to buy an air cooler or an air conditioner, a budget-conscious solution to cool your home is a portable air cooler.

As opposed to portable AC, there are three different air coolers used in India: Desert air coolers for large areas, personal coolers for a specific small area, and room coolers for a specific area. No matter which air cooler you choose, it is important that you know the potential benefits of air coolers. Here we bring you a portable air cooler 101 to beat the summer woes while being eco-friendly and budget-conscious at the same time.

Super efficient in energy consumption

The use of portable air coolers, as compared to portable ACs, is energy efficient in a way that helps you cool your home without spending more on electricity. They typically cost 50% less than the air conditioners which basically use the refrigeration system for cooling. Even the operating cost of a portable air cooler requires just water and electricity, and just water in some advanced air coolers, it can be said that they are super-efficient in energy consumption.

Zero carbon emissions

Unlike traditional portable ACs that use coolants and other chemicals for cooling the surrounding air, portable air coolers leave a significantly lower level of carbon footprint, thereby resulting in no emissions whatsoever. Hence, you can now create cross-breeze and stay fresh at home with portable air coolers that work with equal efficiency even when you keep the door of your room open.

Prevents air pollution

This summer, bring home an air cooler that is affordable and eco-friendly. A portable air cooler is normally fitted with a filter that helps filter the dirt and other pollutants from the air that is sucked in the machine. This considerably enhances the air quality of your indoor environment. Yet another innovative appliance, your portable air cooler is designed to purify indoor air without using a significant amount of electricity.

Adds moisture

A portable air cooler helps boost the moisture level in your home. Hence, if you live in a place where you may experience dry heat, an air cooler may come in handy. A traditional air conditioner has a severe downside to this. Traditional ACs take moisture out from the air making the environment dry and parched. Now’s the time note that constantly being in an environment without moisture can lead to breathing difficulties along with cracking your skin.


Unlike ACs, air coolers that are portable are way more beneficial as you can move it around wherever you go, anytime. So rather than purchasing an air conditioner on EMI, you can easily avail of an air cooler! They are economical, eco-friendly, do not require installation or maintenance, and on top of it, provide fresh air regularly.  Be it your home, or a picnic on a sunny afternoon, portable air coolers come with wheels to carry them around easily. Invest in an air cooler now to dive into a practical and eco-friendly method to beat the heat this summer!


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