Business Moves 101: How To Find A Reliable Moving Company


Moving a business can be a daunting job for a business owner like you. And considering all the things that should be done before the big day, the process can significantly disrupt the daily operations of your company. Because of this, it can be an excellent idea to seek professional help for the entire process.

Ask For Referrals

One of the best ways to hire a reliable moving company is to get referrals from the people you know and trust. You can do this by asking your family, friends and even co-workers if they can suggest trustworthy movers and packers for your commercial relocation.

Research Companies Online

In case you can’t obtain referrals from your family and friends, the next course of action is to conduct research online. But with a variety of options to choose from the Internet, looking for the perfect one may be a difficult understanding. That’s why it’s best to do the following to make the hiring process much easier and faster:

Check credentials: Always verify your prospective movers reputation and experience. For example, you should work with a company that’s licensed and insured so you can rest knowing that the personnel are trained and skilled to handle the business move. To know if they have an active license, check the DOT (Department of Transportation) number on its website and its marketing materials. For the insurance, you can request a copy of their insurance policy. Moreover, research your prospective moving company’s track record with the Better Business Bureau as well as other professional accreditations or memberships to know how reputable your option is.

Get estimates: Searching for reliable movers near Manhattan or wherever you may be can be a tough undertaking. A single impulsive hiring decision can impact the whole relocation process. Because of this, it’s best if  you get at least three estimates from moving companies. That way, you’re able to compare the fees and services offered by each service provider and spot any signs of scam. For example, you should be suspicious if a certain estimate is unusually low or too-good-to-be-true.

Read online reviews: Another method to research a moving company online is to read some reviews. For each potential moving company, visit a few trusted review sites before you make a sound hiring decision. Also, don’t forget to check more than one review for each service provider you consider and try to look for the ones that mention the exact relocation services your business needs.

Check The Moving Tools And Equipment

When finding a moving company, it’s also crucial to consider the relocation tools and equipment of your prospect. In most cases, a business relocation can be a complicated process. With all the heavy items to be transported such as the office furniture, cabinets, drawers, electronics, and a lot more, you really need some help to make sure their safety during the transit.

Therefore, if you decide to work with movers, be sure the one you pick has the right tools and equipment. These can include dollies, furniture straps, slides, and many more. Also, check if they have protective gear that can keep them safe on the moving day.

Be Wary Of The Red Flags

To ensure you get the right moving company for your business move, you should watch out for red flags. For example, most experienced movers will not require a cash deposit before you relocate. Thus, when your potential moving service provider asks for some money upfront, it can be a sign that you should look for another option.

Moreover, during the relocation day, check the level of professionalism they have. If they show up late, it means the moving crew you choose are unprofessional. Plus, if you’re also unsure of their abilities or can’t answer your questions, then it’s time to find another company.

Review The Moving Paperwork Thoroughly

Lastly, you should carefully check your moving paperwork before hiring movers. This means you should read through all the contracts and other documentations provided by your moving company.

Also, don’t hesitate to refuse signing any paper without reading and understanding it beforehand. Look at every detail of your relocation paperwork and never affix your signature on a blank contract. 

The Bottom Line

Indeed, looking for the proper moving company requires hard work and dedication. Since the relocation day is stressful enough, you should only work with professionals who can provide the services you need and whom you can trust.

Therefore, if you’re moving your business soon, keep the tips mentioned above so you’ll find the perfect relocation company that’ll work best for you and your company.

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