Best 10 Criteria To Assess IT Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment agency

An IT recruitment agency is specialized in filling up Technical vacant positions by employing suitable IT Engineers for the job. An IT recruitment agency is paid for recruiting skillful candidates for a specific job role mainly in It sector. It is focused to find the best fit for their client. Recruitment agencies are external firms that are tasked by the employer to find suitable candidates to fill the vacant position in their organization.

Many big companies appoint recruitment agencies because it saves their time in the whole process and it’s quite hard to find an ideal job candidate for your vacant position, a recruitment agency sunshine coast is specialized in hiring candidates so they can find the best match for your company.

Interview Rate

No matter if an IT recruitment agency is actually giving a large quantity of candidates who are not even qualified for an IT vacancy, but it is also very important to check their interview rate it will show that they choose the best available candidate. They just don’t send a random candidate list to your company, it will help you assess the agency better and will tell you how dedicated it is towards providing the best IT technical for your company.

Check Reference

It is always preferable to check the website of the IT recruitment agency. It not only saves you from unwanted headaches but also gives you an idea of what your recruiter is good at.

You should not hire a recruitment agency who is a nuisance, you should consider checking at least three to four references to know if he is genuinely experienced and also to understand his work style, his quality of work, and how punctual he is.  

Detailed Requirement

IT Recruitment agencies can also be checked on the basis of the job description that they offer. whether it’s a long description or a short one, it will show if they are literally looking to hire the most talented and capable developer or are just filling up the vacancy. A long job description will also help candidates understand the vacancy better and will provide IT companies with most dedicated and tech savvy candidates.

Technical Evaluation

Your resume tells a lot about you but before you can’t judge them on the basis of their CV. It is important to also check their knowledge, you can consider an Alliance Recruitment agency who have this technical evaluation test in their to do list. It will tell a lot about the technical knowledge of the candidate and will also reflect that the agency is really serious about their work by considering a technical test for the technical interview. You will be able to spot the most tech savy candidates for your client. You can ask them to code a particular website or you can also take a small interview to check their knowledge.

Aptitude Test

Yes an IT Candidate should be well versed with technical knowledge but also it is important to check if he is passionate about his work. IT Recruitment agencies should also try to test their personality by conducting an assessment test that will reflect their passion, enthusiastic way of getting things done. Every company has its own value and culture and many companies also check whether the candidate can fit in that culture or not. This aptitude test can help the agency know alot about the candidates’ likes and passions.

Website Check

An IT recruitment agency should maintain their website , It should be designed well and be updated. It should also reflect your experience and your field of expertise. So more candidates are inclined toward your agency. Make a column for candidates so they could apply without any Hustle. Your website is an opportunity for you to outshine your services, tell the world what you offer .

Prompt Reply

It is not important for a recruiting agency to always have a qualified candidate available all time, but there reply says a lot about their attitude toward clients. It shows whether an IT Recruitment agency is interested in you or not if they wish to do business with you. They should give a quick positive reply and later they can focus on getting the right candidates. Their reply reflect alot about their attitude.

Management of Agency

It might not seem important but it actually plays a very important role in checking if the IT recruitment agency is worth it or not. You should try to understand how the management function of the recruitment agency. You can give them a call on a regular basis to keep a check on the work, also you can give them feedback with the positive or negative review on the candidate that they have suggested. And also it will help you know if the agency is paying attention to your feedback or not if they have improved their next candidate.

Rectifying CV

You can know if an IT recruitment agency is serious about your work or not. You can also check this by checking if they are into correcting CV of candidates. It is important for an IT recruitment agency to present the candidate in front of their client in the right manner. A CV should not be long and should have some space for personal information as well.  It should specially specify candidates technical knowledge and their expertise in different coding languages. If the candidates CV does not reflect all of these then the recruitment agency should try to mould the CV of the candidate accordingly.

Keeping Promises

Check if your IT recruitment agency is not lying and is on time. It will tell them about the seriousness of their job. If they promise to provide you a candidate within one or two days and if they fail to do so, it will reflect that they are not serious with you and you cannot trust them in the long run. You cannot expect to achieve the target on time that will ultimately harm your company’s time, so be aware of such IT recruitment agencies.

Make a clever decision by choosing the most suitable recruiting agency to fill your job vacancy. Hiring a candidate may sound like an easy task but these people are the ones who can help you achieve your target on time and keep your company on top, So that’s why it is very important to hire them wisely.

In the world where everything is online, it is very important to hire candidates who are tech experts and an IT recruitment agency can help you achieve that, not everyone is a technical expert and can play with technology. It is better to test their knowledge first and then confirm their appointment.


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