Benefits of Choosing Cybersecurity Companies for Your NYC-Based Business

Business Compliance

Cybercrime has witnessed an increase in recent years, and several businesses, especially financial firms, are becoming more vulnerable due to ineffective cybersecurity. It becomes imperative for New York-based businesses to choose one out of the numerous top cybersecurity companies for their firm’s IT security solutions. This practice is necessary to safeguard your company’s data since the internet and digital systems are crucial for your business’s daily operations.

A survey conducted by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) has shown that close to one-third of companies in the US have suffered a cyber attack. You don’t have to wait till your system has been compromised before seeking professional help. An attack on your company’s system might result in theft of your customers’ personal information or money, ultimately leading to customer reduction, which may cause the business’s collapse.

Choosing the right IT firm can help you avoid cybersecurity threats like adware, ransomware, or spyware on your business’s network. Here are some benefits of hiring a cybersecurity company for your NYC based business.

Cyber Attack Protection

The primary purpose of cybersecurity companies’ existence is to protect your business against cyber-attacks. They possess enough security solutions to stop hackers and malware from getting ahold of your company’s data. Cybersecurity companies are invested in active monitoring and updating your network activity to ensure your business’s adequate protection.

Business Compliance

As the fight against cybercrime intensifies, the US government has mandated businesses to become responsible for customer’s data. Following this directive, they have introduced laws with enormous fines for companies that fail to comply. Therefore, hiring a cybersecurity service for your business becomes crucial as it enables you to meet the directive and keep your company’s network updated and monitored. Additionally, they’ll help shape your business’s cybersecurity policies to ensure you don’t deviate from the compliance requirements.

Swift Crisis Response

One of the best benefits of hiring a cybersecurity service for your company in NYC is that they’ll swiftly handle any attack on your network if and when it occurs. With several software and tools under their possession, a good cybersecurity service will swiftly get a quick solution during the data breach and resolve the situation.

Defense Update

Cybersecurity services will protect your network from all forms of cyberattacks by performing routine patch management in any available detected device in the company’s network. This practice is essential because every hardware in the network might in their operating system carry security vulnerabilities that may harm the network. The software developers usually patch the security loopholes, and the company’s IT will install those patches, handing it over to the cybersecurity service to regularly update them and protect the company’s network from any malware that aims to explore the network’s weaknesses.

Ability to Evolve

More cyber threats and new forms of attacks occur daily. As such, businesses without a cybersecurity provider are unable to keep up with the latest methods. Therefore, it’d be best if you get a cybersecurity firm that’s well-grounded on cybersecurity and is always abreast of the latest industry trends. Your company’s IT team might not possess adequate knowledge of the latest cyber-attacks; hence, you need to get a cybersecurity firm located in New York for your financial company.

Choosing Between an In-house IT Team or a Professional Cybersecurity Provider

It’s often difficult for companies to make this decision, seeing as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, making this decision will, to an extent, be dependent on the company’s size and financial capacity. Besides these two already mentioned factors, ensure you consider the following before making a decision.


An in-house cybersecurity team will ensure you have total control of the activities while making sure the data doesn’t leave the confines of your firm. In contrast, hiring a professional cybersecurity provider means you’re entrusting your company’s sensitive and valuable information to people you hardly know, but the good news is that cybersecurity services are experts in what they do and have offered similar services to other firms in your industry. Although your control over your company’s data is limited, with computer security firms like Triada Networks, you’re assured of advanced security measures for protecting your company’s network.


Having an in-house IT team is usually more expensive than hiring a professional cybersecurity provider. Statistics have shown that the average IS security engineers’ salary ranges from $90,000 to $150,000, while for chief security engineers, it’s around $220,000. Additionally, you’ll need to invest in the right software, hardware, and tools and update them regularly since cyber attacks and thefts are continually evolving. Don’t forget employee benefits and the constant need for your IT staff to go for workshops, training, and certifications to stay updated on ways to tackle cyber attacks.

Conversely, hiring one of the security consulting firms in NYC for your firm will ensure you have more time to focus on other business engagements rather than spending time and money on hiring, onboarding, and training your IT team. Cybersecurity services are experts with their own software and tools for protecting your network, so you don’t need to worry about paying for training and certifications or updating software.


Cybersecurity providers usually possess advanced industry knowledge than an average IT team member in a company, possibly because of the amount of time and resources they regularly spend to stay on top of the cybersecurity game and maintain their professional standard. On the other hand, in-house IT specialists can only go for training on the latest industry trends when the company approves it, and since there are always new software and trends, they might be unable to get ahold of information regarding how to handle newly discovered cybersecurity threats.
Time Commitment

Besides being an expensive option, hiring, onboarding, and training new IT employees is also time-demanding. You’ll need to invest time in testing all the software and tools you’ll buy and create policy frameworks for those programs to determine which will be the best fit for your company’s needs. All these may take months to accomplish, but using a cybersecurity service saves you all the stress.

Conclusively, technology is continually evolving, and new cyber threats are springing up. Most companies are already seeing the need to outsource their cybersecurity needs to experienced professionals rather than relying on their in-house IT teams. Perhaps, these benefits mentioned earlier may help nudge you in making the right decision for your company’s data safety.


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