Beginners’ Guide To E2C Cost Optimization

ec2 cost optimization

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has offered a level playing ground to small businesses. With this cutting-edge cloud service small businesses have been able to compete with their bigger rivals without have to spend thousands of dollars in setting up in-house infrastructure. Given all the incentives that AWS offers, it surely levies a monthly bill based on the plan you choose and the amount of resources you access on the cloud server. This is where you need to try out cost optimization and ec2 cost optimization which is one of the easy ways to reduce your monthly bills and enjoy the best tools and services from AWS without making any compromises. Signup for an industry-recognized AWS training to learn how to plan cost optimization effectively for your business.

Why Your AWS Bill Grows?    

Most small businesses have to deal with increasing AWS bill and there are many reasons behind it. First the ease of computing on AWS cloud as compared to accessing tools and data on different workstations and switching between servers adds to the volume of data that is generated. Secondly lot of obsolete files remain unattended in the cloud which not only adds to the cost but also reduce resources utilization thus denying your business the best use of this cloud service.

How Does EC2 Cost Optimization Help Your Business?    

There are some ways in which you can optimize AWS costs but nothing helps more in this cause than optimizing EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. There are tools that conduct a complete discovery of your cloud accounts and suggest you actionable recommendations about EC2 instances at different stages that include development, staging and testing.

Right Sizing EC2 Instances     

As your organization uses AWS you create lot of E2C Instances. These instances are one of the biggest contributors towards your monthly bills.In most of the plans these instances are on an hourly basis and the rates differ on the type of the instance chosen. This is where you can bring down the costs by rightsizing, scheduling and reservingE2C Instances. Here the primary objective is to match instance sizes to your exact workload. Achieving this manually can be a herculean challenge and hence you must use an AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Tool to achieve desired outcome.     

Choose the Right EC2 Model    

Though an automated optimization tool would help your business in bringing down the costs, the process of ec2 cost optimization starts much earlier wherein you begin by choosing the right EC2 purchase model based on your workload. Choosing the right model is easy enough as you can use the AWS Pricing Calculator where you feed in your exact requirements and you’d find suggestions to the right plans for your needs.AWS offers you the flexibility to moving to a higher or lower plan based on the exact needs of your business and you can work accordingly by monitoring the use of resources such as Compute, Database, and Storage etc. for few months.  

Track Wastage and Reduce Them    

Amazon Web Services comes with a bundle of tools and storage and not every small business uses all of them. While you may not be using all the services, you are still paying for it and this is one of the best scopes for your business to reduce the costs. You can make use of an automated tool to identify resources that aren’t being used or have been orphaned apart from the reserved instances. These can be in the form ofobsolete machine images, load balancers, unused data volumes etc. By identifying and removing them you will be able to cut down on the costs.

To conclude you make use of an ec2 cost optimization and that will help you in reducing your monthly bills for AWS significantly and increase your profits.


In this write-up we discuss how ec2 cost optimization helps in reducing AWS monthly bills significantly and how it benefits your business.

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