Automate Your Shipping Process As Much As Possible

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The key to success is not working harder, but working smarter. By automating your shipping process you will save time preparing them while reducing errors. There are platforms that help you automatically generate shipping labels, so you won’t have to upload all the information manually in .CSV files.

They also help you generate documents needed for international shipments such as the commercial invoice or the CN22 and CN23 forms. Which saves you a lot of time in having to fill them by yourself by hand. Do not be afraid to use new platforms if you feel drowned, overwhelmed and you see that you cannot handle so many shipments. It is a time of great stress and that can play tricks on you. If you are interested in learning about shipping automation platforms, you can request a demo from trusted experts. They will show you how the platform works and how you can automate your shipments in a few clicks and in an intuitive way. This way, the shipping process will stop taking up so much of your time and you will be able to dedicate yourself to other aspects of your store or sleep 8 hours a day! That’s why it’s so important to work with industry experts.

Invest more in stream marketing

Twitch and YouTube streamers are going big in 2022. Streamers know their audience very well and that’s why it’s so important to invest money in the streaming industry. Get a good contract with the streamer on Twitch and start serious preparation for the stream. Then you should give them real and authentic Twitch live views to give a stream natural boost.

Clearly communicate lead times and shipping times

Due to the need to have the orders “on time” to give away during Holiday, and the greater number of Holiday, it is important that you communicate the deadline to place orders in your online store and receive them on time. In addition to communicating it in your online store, of course, you can communicate it on your social networks and by email. In fact, it is recommended. This type of urgency usually materializes in an increase in sales.

Idea for your ecommerce at Holiday: Also communicate shipping costs transparently. Nothing is more annoying for an online shopper than sudden additional costs: in 57% of cases, shipping costs lead to abandonment of the purchase and in the worst case you have lost a potential customer forever.

Consider the possibility of offering free shipping 

In a latest study, it was shown that online consumers have a preference for adding an additional product to their shopping cart to reach the threshold of free shipping. Specifically, 74% would be willing to buy more. Although you obviously have to see if it is economically viable for you, it is no secret that offering free shipping significantly increases your conversion, especially on such important dates as Black Friday or Holiday.

Therefore, you can offer free shipping from a figure, for example $50. If you want to offer free shipping, you must ensure that the minimum amount is greater than the average purchase receipt of customers. In this way, you will offset the logistics costs. Eye! Don’t go overboard with the figure they have to reach either. Since if it is very high, it can lead to them not making the purchase.

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