Aussies: Top 3 Reasons Your Power Bill Is Too High

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Opening up your power bill and shuddering? That’s an alarmingly common problem for many  Australians. This isn’t surprising, considering how high power costs have gotten in the last  decade or so. The good news is, the trend is turning, with power prices expected to drop over the  next few years. But for many of us, there’s no need to wait a few years; there are often little  things you can already do to save a lot of power. Many of these things are better for the planet, to  boot!

1. Your heating and cooling aren’t energy-efficient.

Did you know that heating and cooling form almost 40% of the average energy bill?  (Source: Energy efficiency can take a huge chunk out of that cost. Building a  new home? it makes sense to take advantage of the massive energy-efficient design  improvements in recent years. Better to spend money on energy efficiency now than heating and  cooling for decades to come. For established homes, it’s often possible to add on more efficient  heating and cooling technologies. That way, you can get more for less. There are also other small  changes you can make, like finding and sealing drafts; improving insulation, and so on.

2. You haven’t compared electricity providers recently.

Haven’t compared electricity providers in the last year or two? You’re probably  missing out on a better deal. You may even be on a standing or default market offer, which can  lead to over $500 to your power bill. Econnex electricity provider comparison links for more info:

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3. You don’t have solar panels.

Yes, solar panels are a bit of an initial investment. But compared to many other investments on  the market, they’re about as low-risk as it gets. We live in the sunburnt country, after all! Choice  Magazine has a great guide to solar panel payback times in AU capital cities. After that, it’s just  profit for the lifespan of the solar panels. (Excluding any out-of-warranty costs, of course.)

There’s often government assistance in affording your solar panels, such as rebate schemes. So it  may not even be as expensive investment as one might initially think. And after all, the future of  Australia is renewables!

So, better energy efficiency, a more affordable power plan, and solar panels are installed. With  all that, you’ll have much more power over your power!


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