Art Of Watchmaking: Everything You Need To Know About Parmigiani Fleurier

Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

Several smartphones, smart televisions, wireless earbuds, and portable power banks have been improved from time to time. Smartwatches are also one of the developed technologies nowadays that work like cell phones and guide you with a map as you do your daily routine.

The chronology of time from the past marks the growth of technology. Along with these gadgets that have a lot of access and convenience to offer, are they credible to wristwatch enthusiasts? The ageless and passionate Parmigiani Fleurier Watches take you to a more exclusive and luxurious quality experience.

The Heart Behind Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

Michel Parmigiani is the founder who endeavored in his earlier years to become a watchmaker during the dark times of the economy from his roots. He is an inspiration for the brand’s company and is known to be a watch restorer and a visionary watchmaker.

The brand is independent and provides free and continuous practice of designing, crafting, and advancing technology of versatile timepieces without limitations. The company strives tirelessly to master the alluring design of the dials, the exemplary style of cases, and the moving mechanism of the timepieces.

The 4 Pillars Of The Brand

In an interview with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the brand, Steve Amstutz, he based the brand’s vision on four pillars, which are the following:

1. Active Founder

Renowned as the restorer, Michel Parmigiani naturally inspires his co-workers in restoring and developing the pieces of the history into watchmaking. From his beginnings, he restored antique timepieces even when there were barricades along with his ways. He believed in this kind of art and traditional watchmaker’s compassion on it.

2. Restoration

It is the unique way of the company to make timepieces very exceptional and worth-collecting. Parmigiani Fleurier Watches are models of the past and other old brands that stuns the watch industry.

3. Haute Horlogerie

It is the high-art of watchmaking that makes the brand move forward with technology. It is the brand’s segment in advertising as a new involvement and strategy in repositioning the product, along with its price.

4. Integrated Production Facilities

The brand actively committed itself to production facilities, such as the Atokalpa. It is responsible for hairsprings regulation; Elwin provides quality of the screws and pinions; Vaucher Manufacture improves the movements and final cases; Quadrance and Hiballage that designs and analyses the dials; and Les Artisan Boitiers that finalizes the case of the timepiece.

The 4 Marvelous Products Of Restoration

Through the basket of motivation and knowledge by Michel Parmigiani, the company has its best confidence in valuing the brand. Even the oldest pieces of the past century are revived through the advanced technology, adapted in the watch industry.

Wonderful collections are born by the mastery of restoring, and these examples carry the earlier moments than the time they were crafted.

1. Tonda Hemispheres

You can always set your home time and another because this timepiece has dual time zones and GMT functions. You can set these two separately by rotating the two crowns. The dials have a delta shape that gives an impression to the wearer and has a day and night indicator. Having this wristwatch is sitting in one place and guided by two different times. It was said to be the traveler’s pocket watch.

2. Ovale Pantrographe

The style of this wristwatch is mesmerizing. It was innovated from the oval pocket watch with retractable hands from the artisan watchmaker, William Anthony in the early nineteenth century. The retractable hands majestically blend with the ellipse shape of this timepiece. This was introduced in the year 2013.

A highly complex system of movements was implicated to execute the accuracy of the moment. A blued titanium hand made a perfect balance of lightness and shape. It is a design proudly made by the company that no other brand has achieved.

3. Toric Capitole

If you want to witness a fascinating complication, the Toric Capitole has the best impression and intelligence. It is based on a sector time display of a pocket watch created by Neuchâtel watchmakers. The restoration team worked on enhancing and recreating the system of planetary gears as its movement.

Cathedral chimes were added to it as a reinforcement for the complication to indicate the hours, quarter hours, and minutes. It feels like reminiscing every passage of time and suits the luxury of timepieces.

4. Toric Kaleidoscope

When it comes to Haute Horlogerie, this is the Parmigiani Fleurier’s level of watchmaking art. It is a prestigious and unique minute repeater. When it is activated, the spiral and the disc cause a hypnotic affect. The complication of the heart is the spiral that has a feature of a mother of pearl at its center.

It is very eye-catching through its kaleidoscope effect, and it is considered a hallmark of the brand. It reminds the watch collectors and other buyers that time is gold, and the idea to create something different is the silver lining.

5 Tips On Maintaining Your Parmigiani Fleurier Watch

The products of this brand were made to follow the standard of Haute Horlogerie and were made to satisfy and exceed the expectations of the wearer. Here are tips for you to take care of your watch.

  1. When the battery is low, make movements before wearing it. Turn twenty times the crown clockwise for automatic watches.
  2.  Clean your watch as simple as you can and avoid using rough clothes. It might scratch the case.
  3. Since you have daily routines that need you not to be at home, the magnetic fields surrounding the environment can cause unwanted disturbances in the accuracy. You can visit your retail store to demagnetize your watch for a few seconds.
  4. Never expose your watch to extreme temperature because it may have an effect on the lubricants used to prevent your watch from deteriorating.
  5. If it is your first purchase, always read the user’s manual so you will get to familiarize the function of your chosen watch.

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