Are Phone Unlocking Websites Safe?

iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocked

Do you want to unlock your phone? Are you confused about whether unlocking your phone through a website is safe or not? I have the answers to all your questions.

Unlocking smartphones is now legal and provides you more power over your device. Mobile phone owners who want to use their smartphones internationally without ridiculous fees or want to switch carriers without buying a new phone, need to unlock their phones. Whether you want your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S10 unlocked

The major concern of people who want to get their phones unlocked online is whether these websites are safe to use or not. There are numerous myths that phone unlocking websites aren’t safe or your data isn’t secure at all. But these things have no concern about reality as phone unlocking websites provides safe and secure solutions to the users. However, there are some scammers too like every other industry. That’s why you should choose service providers wisely.

How To Look For Reliable Phone Unlocking Websites?

Phone unlocking websites are quite reliable and assist you throughout the process, some having 24/7 customer support services. However, not all third-party unlocking service providers are trustworthy, that’s why you should do your homework before getting an unlocking code from any website, as some of them are cons and unscrupulous companies.

In the end, your decision about which company you are choosing to go with is what matters the most. You should do some research about phone unlocking websites, check out the reviews about their services, and talk to a person who already has used the services- if possible.

If a company provides a money-back guarantee in case the code doesn’t work, then you can consider it. Besides this, check out the service provider you are considering provides a safe method of payment.

In fact, the majority of people consider phone unlocking websites as the safest mode to unlock their phones because you don’t need to hand over your phone to anyone and no need to attach extra cables. No technical skills are required to unlock your phone, get a code, enter it, and that’s it.

How The Process Works?

The person or the organization who unlocks the phone sends a special request to the carriers that have locked the phone. The request is made to remove the locked flag for the IMEI and carries notifies the phone producer company to remove the restrictions. When the restrictions are removed then the person can activate their phone with any other carrier. All this happens automatically via software APIs. Carriers provide the authorization to some third-party companies as well and those third-party companies abuse their authority to make some money with it. They will not have access to your personal information. They have the authorization to unlock or whitelist your phone legally and this is the only authentic way to carry out the process.

The Most Reliable Phone Unlocking Websites

The process of unlocking the phone can be quite daunting if you don’t know which company is more reliable and secure to work with. Keeping this problem in mind, I have made a list of the 5 most reliable phone unlocking websites depending upon the customer’s reviews and quality of services they provide.

1: is known for providing the fastest results to unlock your phones safely. They have a team of certified technicians who can unlock your phone when you have tried and tested other service providers. Their competitive pricing and 100% money-back guarantee makes them a reliable source of unlocking your phones.

Whether you want to change your service providers or enjoy international roaming without paying heavy fees, Cellunlocker is the trusted choice of the people. Once unlocked, the phone will be permanently unlocked to be used on all GSM carriers all over the world.

2: DoctorSIM

DoctorSIM is among the most trusted and safest phone unlocking websites providing the services at a reasonable price. The company claims that their services are the cheapest among all and if you find the same services at a cheaper rate, then they will gladly refund the difference. doctorSIM has rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on Google reviews, Ekomi, and Trustpilot.

They provide top-notch 24/7 customer support by advanced AI, email, and chat. Besides this, their money-back guarantee speaks about the quality of the services as well. doctorSIM uses SSL- the safest and widely deployed standard technology security protocol.

3: Unlockbase

Unlockbase has 4.9 stars rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and review center. You will get your money back if the provided code fails to unlock your phone and they have a safe and secure method of payment to ensure that you are in professional hands. Your phone will be unlocked to all GSM carriers and without any further roaming charges.

4: is trusted by millions of people and they have unlocked over 4 million phones successfully to date. You will be able to unlock any of your phones in three simple steps and will get the unlocking code in as quickly as two minutes. The process is completely safe and secure. They also provide a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.


Unlock your phone with Unlock Monster and be able to use any network in any country. You can get the unlock code for any Android and iPhone. You will get a money-back guarantee along with reliable services.

Most of the phone unlocking companies fall in the “Grey Market” as they will slip the information of your phone to the carriers’ list. It means that when the carrier will do the final audit and if you find out that the transaction was fraudulent because they didn’t authorize your phone, then your phone will be locked again or the situation can get worse. That’s why you should wisely choose the phone to unlock service providers or should directly contact your carrier in order to stay on the safe side.

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