An Introduction to Becoming a Freelance Writer


If writing is your passion, becoming a freelance writer has never been easier! At your fingertips lay a world of opportunities and prospects; it’s simply a matter of knowing which doors to knock in which order.

So, if there is a budding wordsmith inside of you eager to express itself, follow these freelance writer tips and find out how to set this inner creator free!

Sharpen Your Skills

For someone who might enjoy writing as a hobby, making a living from this skill might be a different experience. Flex your writing muscles daily. Hone your grammar, punctuation, and style from the very beginning! Be creative, but be consistent. Contribute to free guest posts and other forms of blogging.

Keep in mind that writing will no longer about feeling inspired. You want to make it second nature and only by regular “exercise” can this be achieved. Take time to read, study the craft, and do research on the world of freelance writing – just as you are now, in fact, doing!

As you become more comfortable with the skill, the next step will come naturally!

Build A Portfolio

A portfolio shows off your abilities to prospective employers. The next step is to increase your presence through published articles.

As mentioned in the previous steps, getting into blogging as soon as possible will help you to get your foot in the door when it comes to creating a portfolio.

Another way is creating writing samples. These are articles especially prepared to send off to prospective employers that will show just how right for the job you are.

Make various samples on different topics. That way, you can be versatile when it comes to the next stage!


With the previous two steps under control, you are finally ready to start looking for paid work!

There is a variety of ways of doing this, but with your skills, and portfolio to back you up, it’s a matter of diversifying your pitching techniques.

Google “job boards” and/or seek out paid gust posts. Find your niche subjects and seek out websites that focus on those.

For example, if you wanted to become a freelance fashion writer, check out the write for us section of a fashion website and forward the appropriate sample.

The Reality of Becoming A Freelance Writer

Putting these 3 steps in action is fundamental. But it’s the final step that is the most important; developing perseverance! The pitching phase is taxing emotionally.

To put things subtly, you will not be the only freelance writer trying to grab the attention of these employers. So, there may be times where the lack of responses makes you question your ability. If that’s the case, repeat steps 1 through 3 and keep growing.

Every freelance content writer goes through this! Giving up is the only thing that will hold you back. For fear of sounding cliche: believe in yourself!

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