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Xender is one of the most popular cross-platform tools for file transfer. Through Xender, one can share files from mobile devices to PCs, and vice-versa. It is also possible to share various kinds of files between two PCs, using Xender. This application has gained popularity over the last few years, as one can enjoy a high-speed file transferring system, which has around 300 times faster than the common Bluetooth. Besides, the process does not consume data, and the transfer takes place over the Wi-Fi network.

Why is Xender of PC popular among the users?

Xender for PC has eliminated the requirement of USB cables and pen drives, that were previously necessary to transfer files between devices. One simply needs to get the app installed in both the devices, regardless of their nature, to transfer files. Xender is powered to detect nearby devices that remain connected to a local Wi-Fi. You can transfer an unlimited number of files through Xender, without any restriction. Most importantly, no internet connection is necessary to transfer the files.

Xender for PC is extensively used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. The ease and simplicity of file transferring make it a valuable tool for the users. Besides, you can share files between Android, iOS devices and computer through Xender. Most importantly, Xender supports the transfer of files of almost all formats, including text, video, audio, graphics and images. The Xender infrastructure works on wireless communication mode.

Installation of Xender and use

Installing Xender on your PC is easy, regardless of the version of Windows you are using. Visit the Xender page on the store, and get the app installed in your PC by clicking on ‘Get’. When you install this app, you can use the shortcut on your desktop to start it whenever you want.

When you share files, use the ‘search’ function of Xender to detect devices that are located nearby. The app will search the surroundings and list up the available devices. When the network is detected, select the files that you want to transfer and share them. You will not face any restriction in the type of file you are sharing, or the size of each file. Users enjoy a good experience while transferring the files, as the process is much faster, as compared to Bluetooth.

Alternative methods to install Xender on your PC
Apart from obtaining Xender from Windows Store, you have two other options to use the app. In case you are unwilling to install Xender on your PC, you need to start the sharing section from your tablet or mobile phone directly. Next, you will get access to your computer through a web interface that you can load from the official website of Xender.

Alternatively, you can also use the Android version of Xender on your PC directly. In order to use this mechanism, you need to install an addon, called ‘BlueStacks’ to the Chrome browser. In the process, it will enable the emulation of software packagesof Android. In this case, the controlling process would be the same, as in your tablet or Android phone.

Features of Xender for PC

Have a look at the advanced features of Xender for PC:

File sharing

Using Xender, the users can share all types of files and documents. Particularly, the app supports the sharing of files between phone and PC, and vice-versa. You can share documents, music, video and all other types of files through Xender. The file transfer process takes place at speeds as high as 40 Mbps. It simplifies the process and saves a significant amount of time.

No external connection necessary

One of the most amazing features in Xender for PC is that, it does not require the user to have any external connection. The process is similar to Bluetooth to a certain extent, but Xender works much faster. You would not require USB cables to transfer the files or establish a connection between two devices. In most of the cases, Xender uses the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, which is available on your smartphone to connect with the PC.

No restriction while transferring files

Xender has proved to be an amazing file transfer tool, as it does not impose any restriction on the nature or size of the files that are being transferred. Conventionally, people have faced difficulty while sharing large files. In case you want to transfer them over the internet, the process involves the consumption of a lot of data. However, when you use Xender, you can share all types of files, regardless of their size. The transfer time will depend on the size of the files being shared. You can even share innovative applications and portable games through Xender for PC. No size cap is applicable on Xender. Therefore, you can share massive volumes of data, including large episodes of TV shows or movies.

Smartly switch your data

The app supports replication of devices smartly. You may want to share the data like contacts, SMS, music, video and pictures to your computer, that are presently stored in your smartphone. Using Xender, it is easy to transfer all this data to your PC seamlessly. You can also transfer data from phone to phone.

Supports cross-platform file transfer
Through Xender, it is possible to share files across platforms. For instance, you may want to share data from your phone to Windows or Mac computers. It is easy to share every kind of file between all these platforms.Following some easy steps, you can transfer contacts, applications, videos and other files to the desired device. Besides, the speed is much faster, as compared to the conventional wired and unwired processes. One might also share files to multiple devices through Xender at the same time. You can share the necessary files to as many as five devices simultaneously.

Xender has an intuitive user interface. Presently, you can download this app for any version of your Windows computer. The file transfer process takes place fast, and the process is very simple. With Xender at your disposal, file sharing becomes fast and easy.


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