A Guide To Purchasing Bags For Men

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Double standards mean expecting women to have a wardrobe full of bags while wondering how vain a man must be if he owns, say, five kinds of the most stylish, functional Hermes handbags. But can you blame him? Bags are essential pieces that a man needs to organise things, complete their look, and make life a little more bearable.

Things to Consider in Picking the Right Bag


Are you an in-demand businessman or office head? Maybe a sleek, neutral-coloured briefcase suits you. Perhaps you’re always in the mood for weekend escapades? Weekenders and backpacks can carry your essentials wherever, whenever.

Whatever it is, make sure to pick a bag that suits your lifestyle. This means investing in a bag that not only is good for a day or two but proves as your trusted companion in every season of your bustling life.


When it comes to style, consider the colour, size, material, and extra details and embellishments that fit your tasteful eye. Neutral-coloured bags are always classy and timeless, but who’s to judge you if you like yours popping with colours?

For the size, envision what you would be putting inside your bag once you have it on hand. The bag’s style is important not just because you want it to match your whole aesthetic but because it has a role to fill.


After you went over the purpose of why you’re buying a bag and the bag you would potentially buy suits it, that’s when you start considering the price.

Often, top-quality handbags from well-reputed brands can be expensive. This will undoubtedly be the case if it’s made to last decades. If you find a bag like such, by all means, go for it.

When purchasing bags, examine whether you’re paying for quality or just the brand name. There has a reason why a bag would cost as much as it does, and you, as a meticulous, smart buyer, would have to find out.

Types of Bags for Men

For Everyday Use

For a man, every day is tough. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. If you’re going on casual dates, getting yourself a good-sized cross-body bag is the best way to bring your essentials with you. For men whose fitness is a priority, investing in a spacious and durable gym bag is worth every cent.

Outside work, you might be the type of guy who enjoys shopping for groceries or rocking that street-style fashion. An easy-access tote bag, canvas or leather, can be just the very piece that will complete your everyday look.

For Travelling

Adventurers will appreciate a good backpack with multiple pockets and soft but sturdy shoulder straps. A water-proof beach bag that can carry all your outing essentials, from fluffy towels to wet clothes, is also worth investing in, while weekenders or holdalls can really hold all your things for a weekend trip, whether it’s alone or with loved ones. For instance, Hermes handbags are designed to be spacious enough for road trips, but some styles are also made with zippered pockets for your passports and keys in case you need to fly!

For Work

Busy men need bags to carry their work essentials, from confidential documents to the most compact laptop. Briefcases are an excellent match for high-ranking office executives in shiny suits. Laptop bags with extra zip compartments and shoulder straps are efficient and handy. For men with non-stationary jobs, messenger bags are a stylish, accessible choice with their outside pockets and preppy fold-over flaps.

A real gentleman could be identified by the bag he carries. They say good shoes take you places, but isn’t it only right to bring along a good bag with you when you have somewhere good to go?

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