A Guide to Enjoying a UK Beach Holiday


With the UK weather famously being what it is, you might not be someone who regularly considers the possibility of enjoying a beach holiday in the country, but there are several reasons to do so. Not only are there are several different possible locations for you to visit, but many different activities to go along with them.

In fact, the actual form that your holiday can take is incredibly flexible as well. If you happen to live close enough to such a location, travel to and from doesn’t have to be all that much of a hassle. Already, you’re looking at an experience that offers several advantages to a more costly, and difficult alternative. That’s not to say it’s better in every regard, but it helps to know how you can make a UK beach holiday work.

The Different Types of Stay

The first question is, ‘what kind of holiday do you want to have?’ If you are planning a trip with your friends or something similar, you might be interested in renting out a house or apartment so that you can all stay in relative luxury while you focus the bulk of your attention on local food and drink. Doing some research beforehand and making sure that you find somewhere that’s easily accessible could greatly help this cause, as you might not want to spend more time than you need to walking to and from restaurants and the beach. 

Alternatively, if you’re feeling something a bit different, you might want to consider a caravan holiday. This type of experience might enable you to save a bit of money on accommodation that can be spent elsewhere on the holiday, and if you’re staying in a park with other holiday-goers, you might enjoy the sense of community that it brings. However, if you’re unfamiliar with sleeping in a caravan, you might want to check out these tips so that it’s as smooth an experience as possible for you. 

Working Around the Weather

As mentioned previously, the weather in the UK can often leave something to be desired. While this doesn’t at all mean that you won’t be able to enjoy a beach holiday, it means that you should be prepared for the weather to not go your way. Expecting a trip of straight sun might leave you disappointed.

So, it’s best that you learn to work around the weather. This can be addressed by simply packing a change of clothes, something slightly warmer if you get hit by a cold spell. Additionally, you might want to ensure that you have activities lined up as a contingency that don’t just revolve around spending time on the beach. Going out for meals or to local tourist attractions might lead you to some interesting days and nights that could be spent in a warmer, interior environment.


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