A Guide to Bike Specific Clothing for Every Cyclist

A Guide to Bike Specific Clothing for Every Cyclist

Every cyclist wants to make their ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Apart from the type of bike, clothing specifically developed for this sport can go a long way in making your ride safer and pleasurable. Don’t fall into the assumption of thinking that such clothing items are not a necessity. Not only do they impart a more secure riding experience, but they can also improve your performance. Cycling clothing like lightweight, slim fit jerseys that provide a high level of moisture management prevents you from expending unnecessary energy. Thus, you enjoy and look forward to your next long bike ride. 

Here is a list of the essential bike-specific clothing pieces to help you become a proper cyclist.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts that have stretch fabrics help you to pedal freely. Some bike shorts come with gripper elastic at the leg openings. It keeps them in place while you are pedalling furiously. Bike shorts have a padded crotch piece called chamois. It works to minimise friction and eliminates excess moisture. Some mountain bike shorts have gel chamois in them. Although they provide a good cushion, they are less breathable than their non-gel counterparts. 

Bike Jerseys

A good bike jersey should be stretchy, breathable and quick-drying. Many road jerseys have an aerodynamic or form-fitting cut. It is the major difference between these types of jerseys and mountain bike jerseys. Other important features of a bike jersey include a flip-up collar that prevents UV rays from falling on your neck. If you desire more coverage and warmth, look for jerseys made from heavier fabric having long sleeves. 

Bike Jackets

This clothing piece is generally made from nylon, polyester, and Lycra. They can be divided into three major categories. 

  • Thermal jackets – These provide insulation for dry and cold climatic conditions.  
  • Hardshell jackets – These are made from fabrics that prevent you from sweating inside. They are waterproof.
  • Softshell jacket – These are both water-resistant and insulating. 

Choose a jacket that hugs your body closely while still providing room for other clothing items under it. It should be tight but shouldn’t limit your movement. 

Bike Tights

Tights are especially useful for those people who live in regions where the climate is cooler. They keep the lower part of the body warm. Thus, the temperature of this part stays optimal for training. If the weather in your place is wet and cold, consider tights that provide coverage to your entire leg. As it begins to get warmer, pick those leggings that extend till mid-calf. You can find these leggings crafted from light Lycra. Like shorts, cycling tights also have a built-in chamois, while others that don’t have it are made to be layered over cycling shorts.

Bike Socks

The primary purpose of cycling socks is to ensure that your feet aren’t covered in sweat while you are pedalling over long distances. Sweaty feet can pose problems in both winter and summer. You can catch a cold during winter, while in summer, sweat can cause painful blisters. Ensure that you pick those cycling socks that are close-fitting with fewer pressure points. Look at the material carefully. Stay away from natural fabrics like cotton as they absorb moisture. When it comes to socks, synthetic fibres are much more effective at keeping your feet comfortable.

The right clothing items can indeed make a world of difference to your cycling performance and comfort levels. Cycling clothing that is anti-bacterial, durable, and well-fitted will aid you in getting the most out of your bike ride. Make sure to choose these items according to the climatic condition in your place.


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