A Complete Guide to Motorcycle Styles in the UK in 2021

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If you have seen the light and decided to garage the car and set yourself free with two wheels, you certainly aren’t alone, as many UK motorists have discovered the joys of bike riding.

♦ Sports – If you fancy yourself as a Mark Marquez or Valentino Rossi, this is the style for you. Sleek, very fast with superb handling, this style of bike is designed for speed rather than comfort and is not really meant for a passenger, even though there is space for a pillion rider. Engine sizes range from 125cc right through to the 1300cc superbikes and if this is your first rodeo, start with a 125cc Honda or Yamaha and move up to a 600cc machine after a year, then you can sit the tests and gain that coveted Class A licence that allows you to ride the big boys. Check out Wheels Motorcycles boots, jackets and gloves, which offer essential rider protection and you can kit yourself out in a single shop.

♦ Touring Bikes – Designed with comfort in mind, a touring motorcycle has a laid-back riding position and can handle motorway speeds all day long. All the bike manufacturers have a touring family of bikes, yet the most popular seems to be Honda, with their Goldwing as their flagship model. Let’s not leave out Harley Davidson, who are known worldwide for their touring bikes; a new HD will set you back a pretty penny. Here is some interesting tyre info, which is worth reading.

♦ Street Naked – This trend began in Japan; rugged frames with no fairing, leaving the engine exposed, while the riding position is more upright. Perfect for urban riding, chunky tyres and a whole lot of raw power makes this style appealing to many, and who could blame them? 

♦ Enduro – This is for the extreme adventurer who loves off-road riding, with knobbly tyres and a higher wheelbase, the enduro style bike can handle any surface, including the roads. The Yamaha Tenere is rated as one of the best enduro bikes and you can search online for rave reviews, while Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki all have their own models in this class.

♦ Sports-Tourer – A relatively new style, it’s hard to say whether it’s a sports bike with add-ons or a tourer that is streamlined. Safe to say you get the best of both worlds when you buy a sports-tourer, which is why they are so popular.

So, there you have it. One of the above is bound to hit home and if you want to view some stunning bikes, Google is your best friend. Check with the UK DVLA for licence requirements before you hit the streets on your new mean machine.


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