8 Reasons To Use A Battery Powered Chainsaw


Chainsaws are crucial for DIY projects like pruning, felling, delimbing & cutting firewood. Over the years, people mainly used two types of chainsaws, such as Gas & Corded. But with the invention of the battery-powered chainsaw, a new dawn has unveiled.  

Battery-powered chainsaws are becoming more & more common these days. It has the same mechanism as the corded chainsaw except for the fact that it is without cord. Again it doesn’t need any petro-chemicals to run, so it’s human friendly too. The upfront cost is the only drawback for you. However, once you understand the versatility of this machine, you will thrive by owning it.

The superiority of the battery-powered chainsaw is visible if you consider going through the following points. So, hop on board to understand why choosing a battery-powered chainsaw is vital for you

1. No More Getting Tangled Up

The very first feature that comes to mind is the cordless trademark. Of course, it will save you from tons of hassles.

You have probably got irritated enough by reeling the cords. It’s a job that everyone hates. But with the introduction of a battery-powered chain saw in your home, finally, you are becoming free from this tiring job. Besides, there’s always a significant risk involved with cords.

If you want to keep your family safe from electric shock, the cordless battery-powered chainsaw is the perfect option. You can click here to learn more about the best battery powered chainsaws currently available.

2. Simplicity At Its Best

The battery-powered chainsaw has a number of advantages. If you are tired of the loud noise of the gas-controlled chainsaws, choosing a battery-powered one is a perfect way out for you.

Again you are saving yourself from the adverse effects of petrochemicals.

You no longer need to panic about finding an electric outlet or measure your cord length. Going deep into the forest or anywhere else to work, shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Pick your spot & push the start button to start operating freely.

3. Comparatively Lightweight

A battery-powered chainsaw is very light in weight compared to the gas controlled chainsaws.

You don’t need to carry the extra load of the fuel tank with you. Also, a regular checkup of fuel level is out of the question.

The battery-powered chainsaw uses batteries that are much lighter compared to the fuel cans. Thus you can gain better maneuverability. If you often need to move from one place to another, carrying your toolbox can always be a burden.

Bringing a battery-powered chainsaw is a good option instead.

4. Keeps Noise Level To A Minimum

The main problem of operating a chainsaw is its noise issue. Its loud noises can be so irritating. Traditional chainsaws can wake up an entire neighborhood on a Sunday morning.

Again, if you work daily with your chainsaw, your ear’s get exposed to the loud noises for prolonged hours and that can cause damage to your ears.

Using a battery-powered chainsaw can be the perfect alternative for you. It reduces the noise level significantly. Being light in weight & not using a puller like a gas chainsaw makes little to no noise.

5. Trouble-Free Cutting

This point is the most underrated advantage of a battery-powered chainsaw. Many people often overlook this essential part.

What will you do if you need to talk or give your team direction while you are on a tree? You probably would have to stop the chainsaw & start it again after finishing your conversation.

But have you considered the risks while pulling the start cord again in height? Experts strongly suggest not to do it. Operating with a battery-powered chainsaw is the perfect solution to this issue.

You can always turn off the chainsaw & then turn it on again with a push of a button.

6. Less Maintenance

This is the most arguable point. You can argue over the high upfront cost of the battery-powered chainsaw.

But think of all the maintenance cost you will have on a traditional chainsaw over the long run. Buying a battery-powered chainsaw requires no maintenance. You don’t need to fine-tune it every now and then.

Unlike the gas chainsaw, you are not spending on fuels. Again, you don’t have to check from time to time whether the cords are tampered or not due to aging.

You are not only saving on the expenses but also giving yourself relief from all those troubles. All you need to do is use your battery-powered chainsaw until the battery dies & then replace it again.

The only thing you need to make sure is that you don’t recharge the battery until it’s entirely dead. Charging batteries without being fully used can have adverse effects on the lifespan of the batteries.

7. The Promise Of A Greener Environment

The most acute problem of a gas chainsaw is the exhaust fumes. These fumes are highly dangerous for our environment.

They hamper the ecological balance of nature. Emission of these fumes contains various harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, benzene, 1,3-butadiene, etc.

To get rid of this severe issue, using a battery-powered chainsaw is a suitable option.

As it runs perfectly on battery, it poses zero threat to the environment. Thus, you can contribute to maintaining a green environment too.

8. Less Effort Required

Using a gas-powered chainsaw requires a lot of maintenance. For instance, you need to carry gasoline every time you go out to work. This extra load of gas can sometimes be irking while transporting.

Besides, you have to be extra careful while storing gasoline. Gasoline poses a grave threat as it is a volatile, flammable liquid.

If you don’t handle it cautiously, violating the law may fall upon you. In the worst case, you may go to jail. But with the battery-powered chainsaw, none of these troubles can get to you.

Take Away

There is only one drawback of a battery-powered chainsaw & that is its large upfront expense. But if you look on the bright side, you are saving all the maintenance & fine-tuning cost throughout the whole time. Besides, you are keeping your ears safer. Also, you are no longer coming in close contact with the harmful chemicals.

At the end of the day, all that matters is less noise & easy convenience. Going with the battery-powered chainsaw is a wise choice nonetheless.


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