8 Latest Ways To Modernize Your Kitchens

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Kitchen trends have changed dramatically over the past few years. Consequently, your once beautiful kitchen might feel a little outdated these days. The good news is that modernizing your kitchen does not require a major construction effort. A fresh coat of paint, new appliances, and stylish fixtures can change the entire outlook of your space without putting a sizeable dent in your bank account.

Therefore, if you are looking to put your house on the market or just want to have a more contemporary cooking space, here is what you can do:

Change your metal hardware

Due to excessive use and environmental elements, the doorknobs, cabinet handles, and other hardware deteriorates over time. Replacing the worn-out fixtures with fancy new ones can give your kitchen an instant appeal.  

When choosing new hardware, remember that less is more. Subtle handles in muted tones exude class and look trendy. While metal has always been part of previous kitchen models in some form, the current facelift of metal fittings entails that you have endless design possibilities. 

Opt for knobs and cabinet pulls in shades that compliment your kitchen appliances and in styles that are easy to clean. You can choose between modern brass pulls, sleek black handles, classic matte aluminium knobs, or vintage bronze T-bars. Consider both aesthetical and functional traits before placing an order.  

Upgrade your cabinets

Most previous designs consisted of cabinetry that took up the entire upper portion of the walls. While the resulting shelves housed numerous dishes, cookware, and machinery, the whole look felt crowded and cramped.

Consider swapping a few or all closed cabinets with open shelves for a more modern and spacious look. The new design forces you to get rid of mismatched plates and cups and keeps your storage organized and clutter-free. It also allows you to add personal decorative touches. You can arrange your cookbooks, add pots of fragrant herbs, and display your beautiful serving ware.

You can replace the cabinets with rustic wooden ledges. These add character to your kitchen and give your cooking space a welcome break from rows and rows of dull cabinets.   

Give your countertops a facelift

Kitchen countertops make up a large part of your cooking space, and outdated ones can compromise the feel of your room. Recent emphasis on beautiful countertops has led to an endless variety of surface materials. 

You can install resin countertops that are durable, resistant to moisture, and resilient against bacteria and stains. If you plan to splurge, opt for natural stone varieties, including granite and marble. These impart an appearance of superb and are easy to keep clean.     

Consider investing in an overhanging countertop for your island as it looks very on-trend and stylish. Moreover, you can use it as a seating place, necessary for the busiest room in your home, by adding countertop stools. 

Replace the backsplash 

Simply adding a backsplash can contribute towards a fresher, more modern-looking kitchen. You can install a backsplash across the entire wall to add attractive patterns and texture to your room. The resulting wall can be the highlight of your new kitchen that makes a bold statement.

Something as simple as pristine white tiles, offset with handsome oak cabinets or shelves, look far better than a stark white wall. You can also go for textured ceramic tiles in earthy tones that are better at camouflaging the stains.

However, if you are wary of spending too much money, choose from one of the limitless peel-and-stick designs that offer numerous advantages. These are easier to apply than traditional tiles, look almost as good as the original styles, and do not discolour over time.  

Opt for energy-efficient appliances

If you have a big budget for your kitchen remodel, consider replacing your old equipment with new ones. Old machinery often takes up a lot more resources to function while also affecting your modernization efforts. 

The energy-efficient appliances available now use less water and energy and are available in sleek designs that will complement any kitchen interiors. Moreover, you can invest in wall oven microwave combos that are built into the kitchen architecture. They are save space, free up your counters, and look very luxurious. 

Install new light fixtures

New fixtures and strategically placed lights add significant character to your kitchen with minimum effort. 

Therefore, substitute the single overhead ambient light source with recessed lighting across the entire kitchen. They add a warm glow to your kitchen instead of casting an unflattering sharp light. You can also hang modern pendant lights above your island to put the area into focus. If you choose metallic fixtures, match them to the other hardware in your room to create a homogenous look.

Moreover, adding under-cabinet lighting creates a charming ambience and gives your space some drama. They are also useful for illuminating your countertops while you work in the kitchen. The best part is that the simple LED battery-operated versions are easily available and not very expensive. You can conveniently stick them under the cabinet, and they do not require additional sockets to plug in and operate. 

Add a fresh coat of paint 

Painting a new colour on your kitchen walls is often very easy to do and will switch up things a bit. Whether you opt for stark white walls, prefer a colour that suits your exuberant personality, or lean towards deep, dark hues, the process itself will impart a novel feel to the space. However, make sure to choose a kitchen painting colour that complements your cabinets and shelves and is a versatile shade that will not look drab after a while.  

Include decorative touches

Like any other room in your home, the kitchen area also needs decorative ornaments to make it feel more personalized and comfortable. Fresh, green plants are always the best way to introduce some colour and personality to a space. You can also place family photos, posters of kitchen-related quotes, and paintings on your open shelves, along with the dinnerware. Finally, a large bouquet of vibrant flowers is always the showstopper of any room.

To summarize

Stark, clean lines define modern kitchens, boldly contrasting colours, and refined aesthetics. Therefore, trade your dated kitchen fixtures with gleaming countertops, elegant lights, and sleek appliances. Apart from the significant changes, minor alterations like a coat of paint, new metal hardware, and additional plants can make a world of difference.


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