8 Creative Award Categories for Employees

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Looking for fun and interesting ways of appreciating and recognizing your hard-working employees instead of handing out the “Employee of a month” certificates? Nothing to worry about, here we have listed the top 8 creative employee recognition examples and ensure that your employees stay engaged on an ongoing basis.

Many companies having employee recognition programs celebrate because their employees made higher sales, retaining a higher number of clients, and building a successful product, among many other things. Some companies also recognize their MVP & rookie of a year. Some get a bit creative with the employee recognition examples.

Award Ideas for Your Employee Accomplishments

Team and individual rewards recognize the goals and milestones reached by your employees over some time. The workplace employee rewards might appear, yet not many employees know whether their company maintains them. What is more, over 79% of the employees surveyed felt underrated by the employers & less incentivized for performing at the best due to it.

The award ideas for your employee recognition give the foundation for any organization that wants an optimistic, energetic, and innovative place of work. Companies need to honor the growth & accomplishments of their employees through award categories that are mentioned here:

1. Workplace Backbone

You have got a few employees who have completely dedicated their lives to supporting your organization. It is the best time to reward their hard work and dedication with the employee recognition awards that will celebrate their commitment & encourage other members to follow the same.

2. Gem of the Company

It is proven that peer recognition is an effective kind of employee recognition in modern workplaces. This makes an employee get the awards to feel appreciated and loved by the people that they work very closely with. One award name that can work best in such a category is the Gem of the Company award.

3. Chief Closer Award

For those employees that just cannot stop signing the deals with the new clients and upping orders for returning the customer, this achievement award is a way to go. The Chief Closer Award is given to a person or team within the larger organization, providing sales milestones are met & records shattered.

4. Gold Medalist Award

No matter whether you are trying to motivate your employees to achieve their goals and want to applaud them for reaching the milestone, using the creative award name or program is the best way of transforming the experience of your employee through the recognition award and Gold Medalist is the right award category for it.

5. Exceptional Hire

A need to be motivated and encouraged in the recruits is important for any organization. Thus, naming rewards for the employees to inspire and motivate will go a very long way to enhance the engagement & commitment level of the newest members of your workforce.

6. Pinnacle Award

True leaders are ones who often inspire others when paving a way for organizational innovation. You need to recognize those employees that have put their time in & have shown their devotion on the daily basis. They’re the pinnacle of direction and guidance.

7. Leading by Example

Leaders have also to get rewarded & in the same manner and extent as other employees of a company. It’s very important to appreciate their outstanding traits, which have helped the professionals to reach the top & lead their teams for making a constructive contribution towards organizational growth.

8. Dedication Award

If your beloved employee has given you many years to your organization, you cannot let them leave without the genuine thank you by awarding them with a dedication award. You need to show your employees you appreciate and value them just by installing the long-term programs & repaying their devotion with this heartfelt award.

Final Words

Whereas one-off awards provide a fun and interesting way of keeping your team engaged and entertained, they must not completely replace your actual accolades that really matter. This being said, the employees must recognize the job done well when it is achieved in real-time. It is the right time that you give your entire team an opportunity & encouragement of recognizing each other so that everybody gets invested in this process, and good things happen!


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