8 Apps Everyone Needs to Have on Their Phones this Year


If there is one thing that we like to keep with us at all times, it is our phones. Mobile phones crept their way into our lives and have become so important that we cannot even think of a life without mobile phones. Initially, a phone was made for one purpose only, which was communication, but the idea of a mobile phone has evolved; it has transformed from a virtual hand-held device to a multi-purpose gadget.

Today we don’t even call them mobile phones, and we call them smartphones. Mobile phones have become smart devices because of their multi-utility functionary, and one thing that played a massive role in its multi-featured-ness is mobile applications.

Mobile Applications: A blessing in disguise

Mobile applications have allowed us to engage with our smartphones in an entirely different way, and it’s no secret that we are in love with these apps. There are numerous reasons why we are fans of the applications on our phones, but the most basic one is that they are available at our fingertips, making our lives extremely easy.

We are wired, so we tend to fall in love with things that help us save our energy by requiring the least amount of effort. Apps appeal to this basic psychological behavior and make it more convenient for us to achieve the things we want. Things such as connecting with people, getting news and updates, entertainment, and even personalized assistance are possible with mobile apps. A new application makes its debut every day, and these consistent releases have flooded the app market with more than 6 million apps. 


With the world dealing with a meeting, global pandemic and socializing online has become more important these days than ever. This app is totally reliable and makes sure you do not fall prey. You can also check AirG reviews online to check the reliability of this app.


Almost everyone starts their new year with a resolution, and for most people, it’s about staying fit or getting in shape. One thing that helps the most while you’re getting in shape is tracking your progress; this also keeps you motivated throughout your journey. Strava is the perfect app for doing that as it provides you with an abundance of tools that will help you track your improvements.

Whether you like running, walking, swimming, or cycling, Strava will fulfill all your needs with its workout plans. This free app does not only keeps you motivated with its tracking system and activity logs but also allows you to connect with people who have the same goals as you. You can give “kudos” to your friend’s posts, and they can do the same for you to keep you motivated.


Since we are talking about goals, let’s also talk about a goal that almost everyone has: improving personal finances. Mint is the perfect app for you; it is a free budgeting app that allows you to achieve your financial goals.

Sound finances are consistently well managed, and Mint allows you to keep all your financial accounts in one place. Keep track of your daily spending. The app provides numerous features that make your life easier and save lots of work; for example, the app organizes your spending categorically, has monthly bill tracking and payment reminders.

The best thing about using Mint is that it educates you with its blog on numerous financial topics and provides tools like loan repayment calculators and home affordability calculators.


The next app you must have the year on our list is Headspace; it is among the best-guided meditation apps. This app mays sound like something that you don’t need, but it is something that you should try. It helps you in ways you can’t even imagine; the app teaches you to stay calm by meditating and finding inner peace.

Headspace is extremely easy to use and can also prove beneficial for children; the app has a fantastic collection of soothing music and sounds that you can play while doing your daily chores, and you can even play them while your children do their homework. Headspace also helps people who can’t sleep and consists of several inspiring stories to boost your motivation.


We just got out of the lockdown, and one thing that we learned while being locked down is that self-improvement is significant. We bring you an application that will help you massively with your personal growth, and it is Duolingo.

Duolingo is the ideal application that you can download this year to learn a new language or brush up on that one that you already know. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes the app fun to use; the lessons are detailed and straightforward.

The best part about Duolingo is that it makes learning fun by turning the lessons into small games. The classes are also well structured; for example, it allows you to build your vocabulary with small words at the beginning and then move forward to more advanced tasks. There are various languages that you can learn, such as Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and many more.


The next app on our list is Pocket, and it is going to be the favorite app on your phone if you love to read; even if you are not a fan of reading, this app is guaranteed to keep you hooked. There are times when most of us can’t find enough time to catch up on the online articles, and they keep piling up in our browsers. However, those days are gone as Pocket allows you to save your articles from any browser and then read them at your leisure.

You will love this app because it supports an offline feature and strips off all the ads to give you a smooth reading experience; however, if you want the ad-free quality, you must buy the premium monthly subscription.


Whenever you plan to experience something new, the first thought that comes to your mind is read reviews, and Yelp is the ideal app for that; theF app has reviews for almost everything you can think of, such as restaurants, gyms, movers, dry cleaners, hotels and many more. 

The app is suited for people who travel a lot and constantly need reviews to make the most out of their expedition.

Last Pass

Security is becoming a big concern, and since we have almost everything on our mobile phones, we need measures to protect our digital assets. The most common way to protect digital assets is by putting up passwords, but a problem with setting passwords is that you could forget them. An efficient way to save your credentials is by using a secure password management app.

The last pass is the perfect password manager and is highly secure; the app is controlled with a master password and can be accessed through different devices. You can also use this app to generate passwords for your accounts.

Final Note

Mobile phones are technological marvels and what makes them even more impressive are applications; choosing the right app can transform your whole experience with mobile phones. Since it is so difficult to choose the best apps, we have recommended seven of them for you to try. Each of our recommended apps is brilliant, and you must try them; however, the fun always lies in exploring new things and experiencing things for yourself.


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