7 Must-Dos When Moving to a New Area


Moving to a new area can be an exciting time and a new chapter in your life, whether it’s somewhere close by or if you’re relocating to the other side of the country. It’s always important to research some basics about your new area, however, to make sure that daily life is going to be everything you need going forward. 

To help, here are 7 must-dos before you commit. 

1. Check the Public Transport Schedule 

Even if you have a car, it’s always handy to know what the public transport options are like in your area. Some rural or isolated areas may have no bus or train routes, which is always helpful to know in advance in case you need those options. Other areas may only have a scarce number of options instead of a regular service, so make sure to know what you need. 

2. Look Into Things to See and New 

This is naturally a must when moving to a new area, to make sure it has lots to interest you and to keep you entertained. Things to see and do for a new area include:

  • Places to eat out 
  • Coffee shops and bars
  • The kind of stores and shops you would like
  • Museums and other cultural attractions
  • Local events which happen throughout the year

3. Check for Local Schools 

This is a must if you have children, both checking whether schools are available and whether the schools in the area are right for you and your child. 

If you don’t have children, it can still be important to check for schools in terms of how close you’d like to be. Some people would prefer not to live close to a school, as it can mean an increase in traffic, noise and difficulty parking. Others might want to live close to a school if they’re thinking about future marketability for purchased property or if they’re thinking about starting a family. 

4. Find an Agent that Knows the Area

When looking for a new property in a new area, it’s always important to have insider knowledge, and that’s where a local estate agent will help, like robertoandco.com

5. Think About Pets

Do you have a dog that you’ll need to walk every day? If so, you’ll need to be sure your chosen area is suitable for walking or research in advance any potential dog-walking routes you’d be able to take in the area. If you have a cat, you may also want to think about safety, such as in high-traffic areas. 

6. Think About Parking 

Do you have a car, or will you be thinking about getting a car? If so, is the area parking-friendly or will it be difficult to park, such as in a busy town center? You may also want to research parking permits and restrictions. 

7. Visit Beforehand at Different Times of the Day

Areas look and feel different during the day and night, and that also counts for what street life is like. If you’ve visited an area that you love for its peace and quiet during the day, be sure to also make sure what it’s like at night, as it could get busy, loud, or anything else that might make you reconsider. 

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