7 Most Anticipated Movies of 2021

Anticipated Movies

The year 2020 is almost up and hopefully it will take away with it all the sorrows and negativity. It’s now time to look forward to the upcoming year and all the wondrous excitements that it brings along with it.

We are especially thrilled to inform all the film and TV junkies about all the exciting movies that will be coming your way in 2021. We have for you some of the best and most anticipated movies that you are surely going to love. You might want to renew your Optimum TV service subscription while you wait for these movies to hit your screens.

Note: There may be a few SPOILERS! So, watch out.

Fast & Furious 9

The Fast Sage has brought to us 8 amazing spectacles of family, friendship, and insanely fast cars. The ride is not over yet, in its ninth installments, Dom (Vin Diesel) and the gang face yet another threat of unimaginable proportions.

This time, Dom’s long lost brother has come in the picture and has brought with him all new kinds of cars, skills, and drama. Most of the previous cast will return to the screens with John Cena joining as Dom’s brother, Jakob Toretto.

Black Widow

Fans are still heartbroken after facing the loss of Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow during the events of Avengers: Endgame. If you still have not gotten enough of this spy in action, then you are in luck. Scarlett Johansson will be starring in her own movie titled Black Widow in 2021.

The story will follow Natasha Romanoff during her journey after the events of Civil War leading up to Infinity War. Romanoff can be seen visiting familiar places and faces as she takes on a whole new battle. Aiding Johansson in her role are phenomenal actors Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour, and several others.

Top Gun: Maverick

The original Top Gun was a huge hit back in 1986. We witnessed Tom Cruise take on the role of Maverick who joins the elite fighter weapon’s school of the United States Navy. After more than 30 years, Maverick is making a comeback to your screens.

Maverick is still in the academy, now at the rank of Captain. After an impeccable career, he is not ready to move on. He is still on the road to adventure with a number of exceptional new characters played by Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Miles Teller, and several others. Who knew, we would have yet another chance to witness the legendary flyby.

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds is known for his insane characters and their unusual portrayal. Here, he takes yet another exceptional role as an NPC (non-player character) in a video game, by the name of Guy. Guy soon realizes that his life actually exists inside a video game, and he just goes bonkers.

He has to figure out what this new and sudden realization entails and whether or not he can do anything to change it. Aiding him in his insane journey are exceptional Hollywood actors Taika Waititi, Jodie Comer, and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

At the end of the 2018 Marvel spectacle, Venom, fans were thrilled to find a post-credited scene where the protagonist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) aka Venom visits a prison cell where he meets none other than Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), more popularly known as Carnage.

A sequel to the movie is expected to hit theaters sometime next year where fans can hopefully expect a full-on encounter between Venom and the infamous Carnage. Other prominent actors seen in the movie include Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, and Reid Scott.

Chaos Walking

Tom Holland did more than justice to the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in Marvel Blockbusters Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far from Home. Now he takes on a whole new appearance as he plays the role of Todd Hewitt in Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking.

The story features a dystopian universe where there are no women, that is up until Hewitt arrives; and people can see and hear other people’s thoughts with crystal clarity. This sci-fi spectacle is expected to arrive in 2021 with other notable performances by actors Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, Ray McKinnon, and numerous others.

The King’s Man

A prequel to the 2014 adventure-comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 2017, The King’s Man tells us the story behind the story.

The movie packs quite a phenomenal cast, with Ralph Fiennes and Harris Dickinson playing the lead protagonists; and numerous other remarkable actors such as Gemma Arterton, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stanley Tucci, and several others.

The Wait is Almost Over

There you have it folks. The upcoming year is packed with loads of excitement, suspense, and action as it brings a boat-load of movies to your TV screens.

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