7 Leather Jackets To Slay In Spring

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Want to give your wardrobe an effortlessly cool addition? Then a leather jacket is a perfect piece for that. It is definitely a clothing piece that provides men with a sense of empowerment to their overall understanding of style. It is a top layer that transforms your basic everyday attire into a ruggedly stylish look. This signature piece is permeating the modern style and culture with all its might. The best thing about leather jackets is that they are absolutely timeless and look great on men of any age.

And when it comes to spring, leather jackets must be a classic outwear staple that every man should flaunt. So, here are some of the best-looking leather jackets that can help you slay this spring.

1. Double rider

The three words that instantly cross your mind when you think of a leather jacket are edgy, uber-cool, and sophistication. The double rider jacket consists of the exact three elements that you look for. Its asymmetrical front zipper and prominent snap labels make it super easy to spot and love within a sight.

It was designed to be motorcycle wear, so its durability and optimal functionality are plausible from that fact only. It is one of the edgiest and rebellious genuine leather jacket mens that you can possibly opt for.

If edginess is not the only thing you’re looking for, then its versatility should definitely catch your heart. Uplift your casual outfit by throwing it on top of a breezy white t-shirt, make it more formal to wear like a long-sleeve button-up to give off a more relaxed look. This is perfect, especially for a party where you can channelize your inner crazy vibes while your jacket would go along.

2. Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket is more commonly known for its iconic style, which sweeps everyone off their feet. Initially used as a flight jacket, it is specifically designed by keeping warmth in mind. These are either styled with fur lining or fur collar to make them ideal for cold weather. You’ll also commonly witness these jackets with ribbed cuffs to keep them tight at the wrists and conserve the heat in. Bomber jackets might also have front zippers to cater to the high winds.

When it comes to versatility, bomber jackets can be added to most outfits and give them a refined look. Pair it up with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or throw it over a bottom-up and slacks. Its clean cut style can radiate a more decent look while projecting a rugged appearance at the same time.

If you live in colder place, a warm bomber jacket with fur lining would seem really nice, but if you belong to a warmer place, you’d probably prefer a lighter bomber.

3. Blazer

Leather blazers make a striking statement, especially if worn with matching leather pants. They are not designed with full zippers to keep you warm. Instead, they have a few buttons to close to keep the heat away. They give the style, the sophistication, and vogue, just the way you’d like it. Wear it to a party or a dinner with friends, and you’re guaranteed to stand out in everyone.

4. Moto

Moto is short for motocross which is a stripped-down motorcycle jacket.  This type of jacket isn’t designed with a lot of zippers and might be styled with a smaller collar, but that doesn’t reduce the charm of a classic moto jacket. The reason for its minimalism is that it was basically designed for racers that prioritized protection over high-speeds.

Other than the standard edgy look that every leather jacket offers, the moto jacket is more of a contemporary style. Pair it up with a dress shirt with jeans, and you’re definite to spread the coolness.

The leather is light which makes it ideal for warm to cool weather but even if you want to wear it in chilly weather, try wearing a thicker layer underneath.

5. Fencing jacket

This leather jacket was modeled after the jackets worn by fencers. It is unique for its asymmetrical style and zipper. The fencing jacket takes the double rider jacket’s zippers a step further, which takes the ruggedness a level up. It probably isn’t as versatile as the other popular leather jackets, but you can sure make a statement style out of it with your own class. Add this to your existing collection and savor the beauty. Wear a lovely smile with it, and you are the enchanter that you want to be.

6. Racer jacket

These racer jackets are also known as cafe racer jackets or scooter jackets that feature a stand collar and a streamlined design. The small zipper pockets at one side of the chest are also one of the jacket’s key features. The 1960s European motorcycle jacket styles basically inspire it. If you want a chic and unfussy look for yourself, then a racer jacket is the perfect fit for you. You can pair it up the way you like, give it a casual, effortless look or make it seem intense; it will rock in all forms.

7. Trucker jacket

Truckers jackets are designed with a point collar and button closures making them different from all the rest. They are usually made to be styled with types of denim or canvas. Wear them with a plain t-shirt and let your jacket attract all the gazes amid a crowd.


Nothing beats the fun of a high-quality, well-fitted leather jacket, giving you an ultimate rocket vibe. When looking for a jacket, its sturdiness, smoothness, and reliability are what make it valuable. Whether it’s a timeless motorcycle jacket or a minimalist racer jacket, or an office-friendly trucker, no matter what kind of leather jacket you wear, it’s deemed to yield a flawless look. If you want to get the maximum output from your investment in an item of clothing to outshine your clothing, then a leather jacket is undeniably the perfect choice.

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