7 Best Foods To Pack When You Travel


Let’s face it, traveling might be fun but it’s also a little stressful. The planning and logistics alone is a headache. You have to navigate the confusing layout of airports. Add to that, finding something to eat that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Pro travelers learned a long time ago to always pack food when they’re traveling. Below are the top 7 food packs every traveler must know about.

1. Popcorn

This favorite snack isn’t just reserved for when you’re watching a movie. Popcorn is excellent for traveling because it’s filling and offers a lot of calories that you will need while you’re en route. Popcorn is great to munch on while driving without distracting you too much. It can also be a hearty snack while you’re waiting for your flight.

2. Dried Fruit

You can’t go wrong bringing a pack or two ofdried fruits with you in your carry-on orthe car for your trip. They are wonderful healthy snack options and they will keep hunger at bay until you get to your destination or find something more substantial. They’re also rich in fiber which means you will feel full even before you finish the entire pack. Hikers and campers love dried fruits and often bring some for desserts after a meal.

3. Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs

Everyone loves a good peanut butter sandwich but no one wants to carry a huge tub of a jar in their pack or luggage. The best option would be squeeze packs. They’re cheap, convenient, and most importantly delicious. Bring a few of these packs with you and you can add them on crackers, oatmeal, cereal, fruits, and other snacks. Peanut butter is perfect layover food or as a light meal when the plane or bus doesn’t offer any snacks during the trip.

4. Granola Bars

From hikers to travelers,granola bars are a staple meal or snack for the people who are constantly on the go. You can eat one standing up or sitting down waiting for the next train or boarding. Granola bars are also a healthier option than chips since it is filled with whole grains. The great thing is due to its popularity; manufacturers have become inventive with their flavors and have also included other healthy ingredients.

5. Brownies

Delicious, compact, and calorie-rich, packed brownies are excellent travel food when you’re in between trains or plane rides. Brownies will give you the energy you need to make your next connecting flight or to keep you fed during a long drive. You can get pre-packed ones at a grocery or bake it and pack it yourself.

6. Plain Greek Yogurt

Whether you’re in a burger restaurant dine in Montana or in the heart of bustling Tokyo, you will find yogurt. The number of recipes where you can use yogurt is almost endless.Yogurt is also an excellent travel food. You can bring a couple of cups with you on the plane or grab one at the airport, train station, or bus-stop before you leave. It helps with digestion and gives you the energy boost you need while you’re on the go.

7. Cheese Sticks

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, cheese sticks are going to be your food of choice when you’re traveling. You can stash a couple of sticks in your backpack or purse and munch on them while you’re en route to your destination. They’re perfect as a simple snack or eat them together with a meal. It will provide the necessary protein you need to keep you on the go.

So the next time you travel, glance at this list and see what you can bring to keep you fueled and alert whether you’re traveling by land, air, or sea.

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