6 Signs Your Relative Could Benefit from Moving to Assisted Living

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It is natural to be concerned for the health and wellbeing of an elderly relative, especially if you have noticed a recent decline or signs that they might be struggling to look after themselves at home. If your relative is falling over more often, has become more forgetful or confused, or is experiencing health issues, your family might be faced with an often-difficult decision of how to go forward with their future care. An assisted living facility will often be the best choice for a senior relative who is struggling at home, since they enable seniors to continue being as independent as possible for as long as possible while providing the care and support that they need on-site. Some of the major signs that your senior relative might benefit from moving to an assisted living facility include:

Struggling to Get Around

Mobility issues or no longer being healthy enough to drive can limit your relative’s ability to get around, meet up with people and take part in the things that they enjoy the most. This can leave them spending more time at home than usual which can often cause problems such as depression and loneliness. Moving to an assisted living facility such as this assisted living in Sunnyvale can often be an ideal choice for seniors with mobility issues since everything that they need is right on the doorstep. They will have access to care staff who can help them get around when needed and making new friends is easy with other people all around them. 

Struggling to Cope with Home Maintenance

While many people want to live in the home that they worked hard for as long as possible, there might come a time when they struggle to maintain and keep up with the property. If your relative is still living in the home that they raised a family in, it might be far too big for just one or two people. Moving to a senior living facility gives them the chance to downsize and makes it much easier for them to keep up with house maintenance and household tasks. In addition, staff are on hand to help when needed. 

Becoming Lonely and Isolated

Loneliness and isolation in older adults can often be a result of health problems or mobility issues that prevent them from going out and socializing or taking part in the activities that they enjoy the most. Elderly people are often more susceptible to suffering from depression and anxiety due to this, which can in turn impact their overall health in many negative ways. If you have noticed that your relative is barely getting out and doesn’t spend much time around other people, moving to living facility can help to combat this loneliness, with like-minded residents all around for them to make friends with. If they currently have friends who are living in an assisted living facility, it might be worth considering moving them to the same place so that they can be close to somebody that they know. 

Requiring More Professional Care

If your relative has begun to show some of the signs of early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or has been diagnosed by a doctor with either of these conditions, living alone at home could become very dangerous for them. Confusion, forgetfulness, and misplacing items in unusual places are just some of the symptoms of these conditions and, when living alone, can lead to seniors inadvertently putting themselves at risk. For the health and safety of your relative, it might be best to consider moving them to an assisted living facility where they can stay as independent as possible while being able to easily access the professional care, support and supervision that they might require while at home. Opt for a senior living facility that offers memory care for residents with these conditions and is highly experienced. 

Wanting a Change

As some people get older, they might find themselves wanting a change in their lives. Maybe your relative is struggling to live in their home since their spouse died, or perhaps they are thinking of making the most of their retirement by moving to an area that they have always wanted to live in. Either way, a senior living facility can be an ideal choice to help them meet these personal goals and get additional help and support at the same time, in an environment that is designed to help them thrive. Senior living facilities offer various degrees of care and support based on the individual needs of the residents, so there is no need for your relative to have started struggling with their health and mobility in order for them to move there. 

Providing Care is Getting Tough

Finally, it is also important to think about yourself and your family when making the decision regarding moving your senior relative to a retirement community or assisted living facility. If you are currently providing the care for your relative along with other members of your family and it is getting difficult for you to keep up with it, it might be time to think about whether or not assisted living is going to be a better option. Moving them to an living facility can be a hard decision, but it also allows you to get on with your own life with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your parent is in safe and capable hands. 

As our relatives get older, we might notice some changes in their lives that could lead us to wonder if they are in the best place for them. Seniors who are struggling to get around, suffering with poor mental health or struggling to cope at home may benefit from assisted living. It can also help to take some of the burden off families, and improve everyone’s lives. 

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