6 Signs There’s a Pest in Your Attic

6 Signs There’s a Pest in Your Attic

When we grow into adulthood, the attic is no longer a fun place full of wonder. Instead, it’s dark and dangerous, and we only go up there when we need to. Just as we found the attic inviting as children, pests are drawn to the attic because of its warmth and quiet. During cold months, pests can turn your attic into the perfect home, which can cause issues for you if not dealt with properly. If you begin to suspect you’ve got unwanted visitors in the attic, you should carry out an investigation; we will tell you what to look for throughout this article.


Pests will typically make their own homes inside your home, and they’ll do this using pieces of fabric, twigs, leaves, and chewed paper. When you go up to the attic and notice anything resembling a nest, you’ve got pests. If you do, make sure you call a quality pest removal San Diego to take care of the problem.

Nighttime Movement

Humans tend to go to bed at night for much-needed beauty sleep. Your pests, on the other hand, like to stay up at night while the house is quiet, and because many of them are nocturnal. If you notice scuttling and movement in the evening, and it’s coming from your attic, you should call in a professional team to take a further look.


When you’ve got pets, your house becomes their toilet, which means you may find unexplained droppings in your attic. Different pests’ droppings vary in size – rats are oblong-shaped, raccoons are thicker, and mice and bats will drop small pellets. Knowing which dropping belongs to which pest will help you to know how to tackle the infestation.

Strange Smells

When there are droppings, there is going to be a strange smell. Sometimes, you may notice an odd smell before you find physical evidence. If you’ve got bats or opossums, you will certainly know about it because their droppings carry a powerful stench.

Insulation In Vents

Pests use systems behind the walls, including vents, to get around your home. If you’ve got pests in your attic, they may chew up the insulation and leave it lying around; check your vents to see if there are any signs of insulation. If there are, make sure you call in a professional to carry out a thorough check of your home.

Missing Shingles

You may notice that the exterior of your roof is missing shingles, or there are unexplained loose parts, which probably didn’t happen on their own. If you do notice missing screens or shingles, this often points to having raccoons making themselves at home. Raccoons are relentless and need to be exterminated sooner rather than later, so make sure you call the professionals.

Pests are not pleasant, which is why they need to be managed sooner rather than later. When you suspect the presence of pests, carry out an investigation looking for the clues above.


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