6 Fire Safety Tips For The Workplace


Fire safety is crucial for organizations to protect their employees and assets from fire-damage. It is important for businesses to take steps for the protection of life and property against potential fire damage. No matter what is the size or location of businesses, fires can occur due to any reason. Many businesses don’t pay attention to fire safety, especially startups and small businesses. Though there are fire damage restoration companies that might be of help but the fire damage restoration cost may vary from company to company. If you fail to find a genuine company, all your efforts will be gone in vain.

There are some small steps organizations can take to make their premises fireproof. Installing some safety devices and offering fire safety training to their employees are the common steps businesses can follow. Here are some essential fire safety tips for workplaces.

Install the fire safety equipment

Businesses and organizations require some devices to detect the fires and protect them from spreading much. Devices like smoke alarms can detect the beginning of fires in the first place and gives a loud alarm to notify the people around it. Getting informed at the right time can help you to stop the fire before it spreads to other areas description.

Moreover, there are fire extinguishers that help you to put off the fire at any place or on any burning object. Organizations with large floor areas should also install sprinkler systems that can sprinkle water in all the areas at once.

Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety

Training is essential for any task, and the same applies to fire safety. Employees are ordinary, working people who don’t know anything about fire safety. They don’t know how to respond in the situation of a fire and how to get out of the building or help others. Moreover, employees may panic or create panic for others that make them difficult to evacuate a building and for volunteers to handle them in an emergency.

You can hire a fire safety warden or consult a fire service team to offer training to your employees. They train the employees to use the fire safety equipment, to use evacuation routes, respond and keep calm in fire breakouts. Also, employees can learn to keep themselves safe and help others to evacuate in such situations.

Implement safety protocols and eliminate potential hazards

Workplace safety begins from the first day for any organization. Business owners need to create and communicate the safety protocols to all the workers while hiring them. If the employees work according to the requirements and follow the protocols of safety, they can make any workplace much safe. Also, remove all the hazards that can cause a fire in the premises.

There are many things like chemicals, paper, and other things that can cause a fire. Things that are prone to fire but are essential should be used with proper safety guidelines. Educate and train your employees to identify the potential hazards and report them so they can be removed or used safely.

Waste disposal system and Smoking Zone

Waste disposal is one of the most ignored things, and a potential cause of fires at any place and improper disposal can be hazardous for businesses. Paper is a material that catches fire quickly and should be disposed of properly. Every office makes use of paper and disposes it into bins place near the photocopiers, printers and other electrical machines.

Boxes filled with waste paper catch fire quickly. So, housekeepers should empty the bins regularly and never filled with rubbish. Regular disposal of garbage also keeps the workplace clean and tidy. No organization should be allowed to smoke cigarettes inside any of their buildings.

You can create a smoking area away from buildings where employees can smoke during breaks. Creating a separate smoking zone greatly reduces the risk of fires inside a building. Moreover, people who don’t smoke are not harmed by passive smoking.

Electrical Systems

Most of the fires are caused in workplaces due to malfunctioning of electrical equipment. If the electrical systems and equipment are not maintained for long periods, they may lead to malfunctioning like short circuits and can cause a fire in workplaces. Therefore, it becomes essential to maintain your electrical wiring and equipment regularly.

The electrical wiring should be inspected by a professional at least once a year, and electrical devices should be well maintained to keep them in proper working condition. Maintaining the electrical systems in your organization can reduce the risk of fires to more than 50 percent.

Evacuation routes

Employees need to use the evacuation routes to get out of the building in case of emergencies like fire breakouts. Many new organizations don’t pay much attention to the creation of evacuation routes. The standard routes are not sufficient to evacuate people in case of emergencies.

Organizations with an employee strength of more than 50 employees should create emergency evacuation routes for their business. Also, the routes should have clear signs to guide people and should be well lighted. All the emergency exits and evacuation routes should be well-lighted at doors, corridors, and stairs. Emergency lighting is not used regularly. Therefore, it should be tested every six months to ensure it works properly when required.

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Final Words

These were some fire safety tips to follow in the workplace. Organizations should educate and train their employees to respond to fire breakouts to save themselves and others. Installation of fire safety equipment helps you to detect the fires soon and combat them in the beginning. Educating and training your employees helps them to stay calm and evacuate the affected building safely.

Whatever the situation, an organization should also coordinate with an external fire service team to handle the situation. Calling a fire service can help control the situation as soon as possible and save the potential damage to an organization.

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