5 Ways To Ace Discussion Boards In Your Online Course

5 Ways To Ace Discussion Boards In Your Online Course

Technology has made it easy for online students to stay in touch with other students and instructors. Online discussion boards or discussion posts are essential parts of all online courses and students are expected to play an active role week in and week out. Here are some tips for doing well on discussion boards even if you have a busy work schedule.

a. Post your comments frequently

Online instructors generally post discussion topics on a weekly basis and expect students to submit comments as early as possible. Keep a close watch on the discussion boards and try to post your comment at the earliest time possible – they are more likely to be read and valued as they help to move the discussion forward. Avoid procrastination at all costs and don’t submit anything late.

b. Write prepared answers after reading the instructions

Instructors seek quality over quantity, so avoid echoing others’ views just to show that you are part of the group. Students that interact intelligently about topics are valued by their professors. It is advisable to read the instructions carefully before taking part in a discussion board, that way you don’t go off topic.

c. Gather data to support your answers

Answers with references and citations demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject being discussed. This is possible only if you have a habit of making notes while studying. Be sure to be an active participant in the class and have all the class material on hand so that you can be the best student on the forum.

d. Review answers for clarity and substance

Before posting, make it a point to review your answer with a preview tool which checks for spelling and grammatical errors. The last thing you want is to lose points on a good answer just because you spelled a few words wrong.

e. Take online assistance if not confident

Get the help of an online tutor if you don’t think you’re competent enough or have the time to get the work done.

If you do not know how to comment or do not have the time to complete assignments, hire online class takers to manage them for you.

We understand that as an online course student you may have several professional and personal obligations that clash with discussion board due dates. Just ask us, ‘Can you take my online class for me?’ and our professional tutors will ensure that you get the best grades.


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