5 Unusual Septum Rings Styles You Should Consider This Winter

faux septum rings

There is no other piercing that graces the face like septum piercing. Although this piercing style is still considered an alternative, it is gaining huge momentum quickly and is fast becoming a must-have piercing choice.

Ok, now that your septum piercing is healed, what do you need to do next? Well, now that winter is approaching, it is time for you to choose some unusual septum rings you can wear this season.

When it comes to rings for adorning the septum piercing, you can go for different materials, sizes and designs. The best is to go for the titanium, stainless steel, glass, and gold rings. Now, let’s dive into the different septum rings styles to consider this winter:

Seamless Hoop Ring

Two types of rings are available in this category. They are hinged rings with a seamless appearance and segment rings with a simple piece protruding outwards. It is best to go for the hinged ring if you are into losing things constantly.

The gold rings in this category are a favorite among women mainly because of their daintier appearance. For the ones who like subtle styles, the seamless hoops would be perfect. They sit flush against the septum and offer an edgy and cute appearance altogether.

Captive Bead Rings or CBRs

These are popular septum rings mainly because you can use them very easily. You have the option of going for the standard bead rings or the ones featuring pearls, opals, Baltic amber, and other bead styles.

CBRs are perfect for women looking for a traditional yet bold appearance. Quite the same as circular barbells, the CBRs feature a ball fitting between the ring ends. This ball is made of silver, glass, rubber, gemstone, gold, and even pearl.

You need to go for a design that helps you make a statement, whether romantic, minimalist or grunge style.

Faux Septum Ring

The faux septum rings are nose rings tried out on the septum piercing to avoid the pain involved. These are generally magnetic or clip-on pieces with styles indistinguishable from the original septum rings.

One thing you need to ensure when going for these rings is quality. You must choose top-quality pieces, so they do not fall off easily. From bejeweled to minimalist rings, you will manage to look chic in these pieces without going through any pain.

Clicker Rings

The clicker rings would be the best option for the ones on the lookout for comfort and exclusive designs. They speak of hinged mechanisms making them the easiest styles of jewelry to try out on the septum.

Boho Style Ring

Well, there are many styles of rings available for the septum piercing, but there is hardly a single one that offers the same style statement as the Boho-style ring. It’s exclusive, and it’s fashionable!

You will find these rings in unique designs, combining extravagance with convenience!


It will get easier to show off your stunning and exotic beauty if you choose the best septum rings. There are futuristic styles available in this category, from tribal and bohemian to stars, triangles, and circles, to give you an amazing appearance.

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