5 Things That You Should Know About the New Bajaj Pulsar 180f

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Bajaj Motors finally introduced a new look to its long un-updated Pulsar 180 series. Although Bajaj is one of the leading bike sellers in the country, the Pulsar 180 series did not get much traction in its last time. However, the bike manufacturer hopes that with a new skin, the new Pulsar 180 will outperform its predecessor.

The new Bajaj Pulsar 180 F  has the same design as it’s sibling the Pulsar 220F. Notable changes include the addition of projector headlights with a black visor top, a more cushioned seat, windscreen and an upright riding position.

Here are 5 crucial facts that you should know before you consider buying the new Bajaj Pulsar 180F

Weight and Height considerations:

The new Bajaj Pulsar 180F is slightly less bulky than its sister bike the Pulsar 220F. While the 220F tipped the scales at 150 kgs, the new Pulsar is around 147 Kgs in weight. Although not incredibly heavy, riders should be familiar with handling heavy bikes before considering the purchase. If you are someone who has less experience riding two-wheelers or in the bike market for the first time, consider getting some practice before buying this vehicle.

When compared with the 220F, everything is almost the same. Both bikes have the same overall width, length, ground clearance as well as wheelbase. However, the seat of the 180F is slightly lower than its sister variant.

Engine and Mileage:

Mechanically there aren’t any significant changes when comparing the Pulsar 180 F with a sister variant. Both come with the same 178 cc singular cylinder engine capable of producing 17 bhp of power at 8,500 rpm and 14 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm.

The pulsar engine is mated with a 5-speed gearbox and is expected to have a mileage of 45 Km to the litre. The bike is quick, with a 0-100 acceleration of 4.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 122kmph.


The Bajaj Pulsar 180 F is available to buyers in the Neon Orange colour with a matte black base as well as in a black and red colour combination. Parts of the bike such as the semi fairings, the projector headlights, side panels as well as the Pulsar logo get an orange finish. In addition to this, depending on the colour options, these can be customized.

Riders who have used this bike say that it has an eye-catching road presence and gives a high return on mileage for the daily commuter. The addition of projector headlights to the bike make it even more aesthetically appealing.

Comfort and Reliability:

The design team at Bajaj has done a great job in ensuring that the new Bajaj Pulsar 180 F is an experience to own. Features such as projector headlights and padded seats offer riders significantly higher comfort when riding in city traffic as well as commuting along the highway.

The new Pulsar is curated for those who have to suffer long commutes every day and users say that in some instances the bike offers more mileage than the 45 kmpl specified by the manufacturer. Thanks to the steel braided brakes comfort are enhanced and cushioned pillion seats only make the experience of ownership more memorable.

Value for Money:
As we mentioned before, this bike is specially designed for riders who have a substantial commute to suffer through every day. The ex-showroom price of the bike is Rs 96,000 in Mumbai. However, prices may vary. One easy way of finding out how much the bike will cost you on an EMI basis is by using our bike loan EMI calculator.

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