5 Strategies To Boost Your Black Friday Sales

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Since arriving from the United States a few years ago, Black Friday has grown in popularity with each edition. It marks the first day of a period when consumers go to do their Christmas shopping en masse. The purchasing volume during this period is increasing every year with us too, and more and more online shops are participating in this phenomenon. It is therefore less and less easy to differentiate your offer. In this article, discover 5 strategies to use to make your Black Friday a success.


Your offer is without a doubt the factor that will determine the success of your Black Friday the most. To develop an attractive offer, it is imperative to understand the purpose that your offer fulfills .

Is your offer for the sole purpose of increasing product sales? Think about who exactly you want to reach through Black Friday. Do you hope to attract new customers? Want to increase your newsletter subscribers or website traffic? Is this a way to retain your existing customers? Or is it the perfect time to empty your stock? You will be much more likely to achieve concrete results if you have a goal in mind and do everything you can to achieve it.


It is important to consider the lifespan of a customer when developing your offer. This helps you identify the business phase of the cycle and how to convert your prospect.

Do you collect data in a CRM or do you use software for your e-mailing campaigns? Segment your target groups based on dozens of characteristics. During Black Friday, consider going one step further: tailor your offer to the behavior of different segments of your target group. For example, use location, purchase history, pages viewed on your website, or their level of engagement with your email campaigns. Take the opportunity to close purchases during Black Friday by personalizing your message!


Do not offer simple discounts on your products. Sure, you’ll see your revenue jump ahead if you offer a rebate, but it will drop just as quickly, as your customers will be waiting for your next rebates. By taking this approach, your customers will be indifferent to your brand and will only buy based on price. It is also a disadvantage for customers who shopped online because they felt pressured.

But how do you build an effective sale during Black Friday? Group your products into batches. You will thus offer greater added value at considerably lower prices. beerwulf discount code offer by promo searcher on individual products. You can thus offer products that do not appear in your store in normal times. At best, you will have a cheaper product with a high profit margin that you combine with your initial offering to make it more attractive. You can also use products that sell the least well. Offer them with a “2 for the price of 1” offer. It is also an opportunity to introduce your customers to products that sell less and products that they may not yet be familiar with.


Did you know that 71% of consumers buy a product more easily if it has been recommended to them by someone else? So encourage your fans to share their satisfaction with your potential customers. For example, use customer reviews for all your products or invest in influencers on social networks to recommend your products. You can also ask your customers to share a product with the network for a discount. Establish a referral system where customers can receive different discounts based on the number of people they refer to your brand.

Use the principle of scarcity which creates a sense of urgency in the customer. Play on the FOMO (fear of missing out on something) factor by setting up a countdown timer. Come up with a different deal every new hour. Also advertise the offer well in advance so that more visitors are on your site at that time. Research shows that sales increase dramatically during actions of this type.

Also make sure that the financial aspect be reasonable for your customer Take into account that a large number of customers have already done all their Christmas shopping at this time and their bank account has therefore suffered the consequences. The conversion rate can therefore also depend on your price if your customer is hesitant. The advantageous offers have the lowest possible financial threshold. This technique is ideal for customers who have never bought from you before or for customers who live from paycheck to paycheck. Also plan a category of intermediate offers. Statistics show that mid-priced products sell the best. The added value of more expensive offers must be very clear. They must be offers that include a multitude of features and that save the most money.


Consumers increasingly want to do something for our planet and therefore pay attention to the sustainable approach of your business. Do you want to find out how to combine Black Friday sales with sustainability and create a win-win situation for your customer, your business and the environment? Download the white paper: “Black Friday and sustainability”


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