5 Sensible Investments for Large Commercial Buildings

5 Sensible Investments for Large Commercial Buildings

As a responsible commercial landlord or building owner, you would undoubtedly love the freedom to leave matters pertaining to building maintenance and management to your senior staff.

However, as you will already be fully aware, the more present you are and involved you make yourself, the lower the level of expensive risks later on. So, with this in mind, here are five sensible investments for large commercial buildings.

1. Replacement Ventilation & Heating Equipment

Commercial and industrial markets alike need high-quality products, servicing, and maintenance processes in place to ensure the smooth running of the building, and this is why undertaking a thorough inspection of your existing equipment is an absolute must.

An industrial portable fume extractor, for example, will provide a myriad of benefits to the building, heighten the overall level of health and safety throughout the property, and boost the productivity and efficiency of your heating and ventilation system.

2. Additional Security Measures

Depending entirely on the nature of the property and, more specifically, what the building is used for, it may well be the case that your business tenants are required, as per the lease, to supply their own security, both in terms of a physical presence and comprehensive CCTV.

When assessing your property ahead of improving the overall security systems of both inside and outside the building, it is important to consider the following:

  • The ongoing process of ensuring all cameras are working properly
  • The best place to install control and access points
  • A regular security training drill which the whole company has been made aware of
  • Consider barriers or electric fences around the property as well as security personnel
  • Whether it is worth outsourcing your security or keeping it in-house.

3. Commercial Door & Windows Locks

Another security measure that could well end up saving your company thousands of dollars in the future and, indeed, perhaps more than once, is to upgrade the door and window locks in and around the property to commercially graded alternatives.

Even if, upon taking over the property, you were assured that the perimeter of the building was as secure as secure can be, you may be surprised to learn that usually, the locks are generally substandard.

4. A Sustainable Water System

The fourth sensible investment for owners and managers of large commercial premises is to upgrade the water system to a more affordable, sustainable system that is more ecologically friendly.

Reliable and simple sustainable water systems are specifically formulated to be recyclable down to the smallest part but still retain the strength and durability to adhere to all legalized health and safety standards, resulting in a sustainable and safe water infrastructure.

5. Outsourcing Your Building Maintenance 

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that many commercial landlords, especially those in charge of larger properties, choose to outsource their building maintenance needs.

There are many benefits to outsourcing, including a higher level of efficiency, more affordable replacement machinery, a varying capacity, and unprecedented access to resources and expert skills.

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