5 Reasons To Learn Salesforce in 2021

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If you’re in business and need a place to store a lot of data digitally, you would have most likely heard about Salesforce. Salesforce is an American company that provides customer relationship management services and cloud storage for its users. Although Salesforce came out relatively recently, it has made a significant impact within its conception. 

This software also gives its users a supplementary array of apps that help improve customer service, marketing analytics, etc. If you don’t already use Salesforce, you should start now. Salesforce has helped thousands of companies achieve their goals, and yours will be no exception.

That said, here are five essential reasons for you to learn Salesforce and implement it into your business in 2021.

All Its Amazing Features

The first thing that compels you to learn about Salesforce is its features. Interestingly, it provides way more features than its competition. For one, Salesforce has a tool called Salesforce Application Architecture and Design.

Also, developers often have difficulty creating data schemas and workflows due to the code it requires. Luckily, Salesforce software would allow you to create these essential business components without using too much regulation. The tools in Salesforce that can do this are called Schema builder and Process Builder. Now, let’s look at these two tools in more detail:

Process builder

Process builder is a tool embedded in Salesforce that allows you to create your workflows and workflow tasks. These tasks include sending one or multiple emails and creating and modifying database records. 

If you have sent emails before, you should know how stressful and time-consuming it is. It would require you to do hours of copy-pasting to achieve. Many people have said that this is one of the most tedious business tasks in the whole business process.

Creating and modifying database records isn’t any more straightforward. There are a lot of procedures you go through to create a simple database record. That said, process builder is a tool you should use if you want to simplify both these processes and save a considerable amount of time.

Schema builder

Many developers have testified about how they have been subjected to writing hours and hours of code to make software or machinery perform a straightforward task. As you may have predicted, this is a pretty daunting task. Now, imagine after writing hours of code, you make a mistake. This is an example of one of the most annoying things developers have to go through.

This second tool is also embedded in Salesforce. This is a tool that is used to simplify code. With this tool, you don’t have to put together dozens of lines of SQL code to perform one function. 

It Would Help your Growth

Without a doubt, the Salesforce software would accelerate your business’ growth. It is no surprise that Salesforce has the majority of the CRM market. Interestingly though, this handy company is also the fourth biggest software company in the United States. In fact, their revenue currently stands at about $8 billion and see a 20% growth every year.

With the rise in technological advancements and population, it can be challenging to keep up with consumer demands. Customers would continue to demand what they want, and you can become obsolete fast if you can’t meet up to expectations. 

That’s why you need to use Salesforce. Salesforce is a fantastic tool that would help you to perform your tasks. Ultimately, it would accelerate your growth just as fast as Salesforce itself.

You Join A Community

When developing apps and other software, it is pretty easy for you to think you’re alone. You would think that no one has gone through what you’ve done before. That’s why when people encounter a problem, they spend weeks trying to solve it. Sometimes, they even abandon the project if it proves to be tedious. Luckily, you don’t have to do that when you use Salesforce.

Salesforce has a community of developers that help each other out. They also attend the Annual Salesforce Conference Dreamforce, situated at booth #537. In this gathering, over 170 thousand developers come to their booth to talk about Salesforce.

This just proves the fact that they care about their associates and customers. Unlike many other companies whose owners are out of reach, they are here to listen to any problem you may have. You can even collaborate with other Salesforce developers to solve your problem!

They Provide Step-by-Step Guidelines

If you’ve been worrying about how to use Salesforce, don’t. This company understands that not everyone would know how to use developer apps. Some people are total beginners that have never used developer apps before.

That’s why they provide step-by-step guidelines on their website. They also have Trailheads that would help to test your knowledge on your ability to use Salesforce. Upon completing tasks, they award you points and badges that let you show off your skills to other people and even employees.

In contrast, its competition doesn’t offer that. When you enter their apps, you would be immediately greeted with code and complicated sequences that would make any beginner rage quit.

It Allows You to Customize

In developing apps, customization is highly crucial. Without customization, all apps would look the same. Where’s the fun in that? Fortunately, Salesforce provides tools like APEX, Lightning, and Visualforce for customization. 

Naturally, this would mean that you don’t have to patronize other apps to customize your workflows, data schemas, and other apps. All you need is on trier website and application.

The Verdict

There are a lot of benefits to using Salesforce. It is a company that has impacted thousands of companies worldwide. The above are five reasons why you should learn and start using Salesforce. 

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