5 Questions to Ask Your Florist Before Your Wedding


Flowers are one of the most crucial aspects of any wedding. They set the tone for your day by adding colour, texture and ambience. The choice of flowers is as important as the quantity and quality of the flowers you choose.

Equally important is the person you have arranging your flowers. You can choose to be a very involved bride, specifically choosing each arrangement down to the last stem and colour palette. Or, you provide a general guideline and leave it in the hands of the professionals. Fortunately, your Malvern flower delivery options aren’t limited.

Ensure You Get What You Want by Asking the Right Questions

Well-designed floral arrangements can often bring your wedding theme together in a way that’s both stylish and unique. Flowers have become an integral aspect of wedding décor, both at the ceremony and the reception.

Choosing the best florist is as important as choosing the right caterer or the perfect venue. But, do you know what type of questions to ask your potential florist?

How Many Weddings Have You Done?

Some people might argue there’s no such thing as an ugly flower arrangement but when it comes to your wedding, you can’t take any chances. You need to establish if the florist you’re approaching has the experience to deal with your request. The more experience a florist has, the more likely you are to get exactly what you want.

Do You Have a Portfolio For Your Work?

Just because a florist has a beautiful shop with exquisite flower arrangements in the window doesn’t mean they can handle your request. It’s important to see photos or video footage of previous weddings.  Perhaps you can even get some inspiration!

Are You Prepared to Work Within a Budget?

It’s important to be upfront with your florist. From day one you need to tell them what your anticipated budget is. That way they’ll be able to advise you on the types of flowers that can fit into your financial plans for the wedding. You can then establish if what you had in mind will become a reality, or whether you’ll have to adjust expectations. Doing this from the start will ensure there aren’t any tears and disappointments later.

Enquire if there are any bridal packages and what they include. Consider the vases and containers you might want to use. Choosing more cost-effective containers could allow for more money spent on arrangements.

Will You Handle the Delivery and Setup on the Day?

It’s important to understand what the florist’s role will be in the wedding. Some florists prefer to set up their arrangements themselves. Other florists don’t offer this service. You’ll then need to arrange collection and someone to set the flowers up at your wedding.

It’s important to share this information with the venue. They might have a person on staff that has experience in setting up the flowers, which will take the pressure off you.

What Happens to the Flowers After the Function?

Having the most exquisite wedding is every bride’s dream. But, have you given any ideas to what happens to everything once the ceremony is over? Who takes everything apart when it’s all over? What happens to the many flower arrangements?

Some packages include the purchase of vases and containers. Others might be for the flowers only, which means the florist takes them back after the ceremony. This means you’re left with a lot of flowers and possibly no containers. What will you do with so many flowers?

Here are some ideas:

Ask your florist if they could repurpose the flowers into smaller arrangements for your guests to take home

Use the flowers at a brunch gathering the next day

Donate the flowers to a nursing home, hospice or hospital and make someone’s day with a beautiful arrangement

Ask your florist to advise you on the best way to dry a few of your favourites’ stems for your bridal scrapbook

Break them up into smaller arrangements and give them to the staff of your wedding venue, including the photographer, catering staff, cleaning staff and wedding planner

Donate a few of the arrangements to the venue to use on their breakfast or lunch tables


Florists have many different responsibilities and vendors aren’t all the same. Don’t assume all florists do what you might have seen at a friend’s wedding. It’s important to ask your florist exactly what they can and can’t do.

The important thing to remember is, no matter how small your budget is, a Malvern flowers agency can make your day as beautiful and exquisite as you imagined!


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