5 Pros and Cons of Cannabis Use during Birth

use of cannabis

 A lot of states have legalized the use of cannabis, but the safety of the use of this drug has always been a very important question. Scientists have been conducting researches on this for several years. Recently, there has been a controversy on, whether usage of cannabis during pregnancy is safe or not. The consumption rate of cannabis has increased during all these years. It is thought to be an herb that is accepted by the people associated with the medical field as well as socially.

In this article, you will get to know what are the pros and cons of cannabis also known as marijuana, and the importance of cannabis packaging.

Cannabis during labor:

Traditionally, cannabis has been used to induce spontaneous labor, to avoid bleeding, to begin lactation operation, and to relieve the patient’s discomfort.

On the other hand, patients have reported that they feel agitated and feel fearful while a lot of them also report that they feel a sense of calm, curiosity, and transparency i.e. they do not feel anything. Cannabis is well known for improving labor experience. It reduces labor pain and is of great help in a lot of other ways.

Reduction in infant’s weight:

According to the recent consensus, consuming excessive cannabis leads to a decrease in the birth weight of the child. Apart from this, it increases the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy. Preeclampsia is an illness that affects certain pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy. In this illness, the patient goes through high blood pressure, fluid accumulation, and urinary protein.

Risky for heart patients:

According to researchers, patients who are at risk of cardiovascular complications should prevent using this drug. Cannabis has the ability to have temporary effects on the cardiovascular system. However, for healthy people, the risk of cannabis affecting their cardiovascular system is lower.

Fetus’s brain dysfunction:

The experts suggest that the usage of cannabis in early pregnancy may lead to negatively impacting the growth of the nervous system of the developing fetus. It might impair the development of the initial brain which causes further complications. This happens due to the close relationship between the central nervous system and neuronal function.

Cannabis packaging

Information on the Packaging:

A brand needs to balance between the design and information on the packaging of a product. For a brand which deals with medicinal products, the concern of adding information on the packaging effectively gets even more essential. Brands need to add product information in a way that looks appealing as well.

The product packaging of cannabis should include the amount of product present, the dosage of the product, the expiry date, and contact information of the company, for example, website address or customer support email or contact number. You should also be considering adding a tagline or a logo along with some graphic elements. It is also essential to add certain qualifiers that the customer values.


While focusing on the appearance of the herb packaging it is equally important to consider if the product inside the box is safe. Cannabis, being a product that is of multiple-use should be kept in a packaging that is easy to reseal. Containers along with lids can be used for this purpose. If you wish to go for a cheaper packaging, zip lock or interlocking wrapping is also available in the market.

The brand should also consider child safety. Packaging of the product should be difficult for a child to open. Sturdy materials should be used to keep the product safe. Bux board, cardboard is the materials that should be considered.

Environment-friendly packaging:

With the rise in global warming, there is a rise in the use of eco-friendly materials. If your brand opts for eco-friendly packaging, it is playing its part in saving the earth. Apart from helping the environment, eco-friendly packaging has its own benefits from an economic point of view. It helps the company save money and generates less wastage.

People are becoming environment conscious day by day, if your brand uses eco-friendly packaging it is helping the customers in making a positive impact on the environment. It will also improve your brand image.


What is the importance of design?

The packaging design is the key to convince your customer to get your product. It gives the first impression of your product. Eye-catchy designs help in making your brand stand out from other ones. It differentiates your product items from others on the market shelves.

Is simple packaging successful?

Simple packaging is reported to be very much successful as they give the feel of authenticity and trustworthiness. It is important to note that packaging should be simple as well as eye-catchy which attracts the customer’s attention.

What is the importance of adding medical symbols on cannabis packaging?

Your product packaging makes it clear in the first look that it is related to health benefits. This idea will soon be applied and overdone. Due to the large amount of cannabis medicinal products entering the market, it is getting difficult to make your brand stand out. You must come up with other ideas to articulate the medicinal importance of your product, making your product differentiate from others.

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